Utah Police Arrest Man After 25 Years


It took police 25 years to make an arrest in the case of death of a young child. The babysitter of an infant girl was charged with her murder. The persistence of a single Utah police man made the arrest possible after 25 years long dispute.

Louis Duran, who is now 53 years old, was charged with second-degree murder and is being held on a $1 million bond. At the time of investigation, Duran told police that the girl was frequently sick and fussy.

At the time of the baby girl’s death, she was found with multiple bite marks, bruises and other signs of abuse. Duran apologized to the mother at the time and admitted to leaving bite marks on the child, however he could not say what happened that day. While the autopsy reports show that the girl died after receiving several blows to her head, the case was closed and no charges were laid.

Dawn Nieto, who is the mother of the girl, had moved in with Duran and his sister shortly after breaking up with the infant’s father. According to reports, Louis Duran would frequently look after children because he did not have a job. On October of 1988, Nieto and Duran’s sister left the home to run errands at around 1:30 pm. At the time the girl was playing with toys and other children. When the women returned, the girl was already dead.

Dawn Nieto had told Utah police that she bathed her child that morning and noticed strange bruises on her ear and cheeks. According to the arrest documents, Nieto also noted that the girl was acting strange, however when she checked on the infant again that evening, she found her lifeless on a bed with vomit nearby. When the emergency crews arrived, they pronounced the infant dead.

The Utah police were able to arrest the man 25 years after the fact due to the review of the medical reports. Medical officials reviewed the autopsy report in the recent months had informed the police that the girl was a victim of ongoing abuse and had bruises, bite marks on her face and forearms, as well as multiple skull fractures and brain swelling. The report also showed that the girl had ear and urinary tract infections at the time of her death.

While it is unknown when exactly the arrest of Louis Duran was made, Salt Lake City police detective Thomas Flores is the man behind the investigation. Flores worked hard to track down the files pertaining to the case, as well as witnesses. Sim Gill is a Salt Lake County District Attorney and he praised police, saying that his department took up the investigation recently as they went through different cold case files.

The arrest of Duran brings justice to the world, and the police are working to solve more similar cases like this. Meanwhile the Utah court system does not have an attorney listed for Duran, a babysitter arrested by police in connection to the death of an infant girl 25 years after the incident.

By Ivelina Kunina

Salt Lake Tribune
Herald Extra


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