Virginia Teen Pleads Guilty to Killing His Parents [Video]

Vincent Parker Pleads Guilty to Killing His ParentsA Norfolk, Virginia teenager accused of killing his parents has pleaded guilty to both murders. Vincent T. Parker admitted to leaving school early, going home and killing his mother; he then attacked his father once he arrived home from work. Vincent who is only 16-years-old was scheduled to stand trial as an adult, instead he will be sentenced on September 18, 2014.

On December 19, 2013 Vincent rushed to get home before his father returned from work. At that time he lived with his parents on the 1000 block of Bland Avenue and attended Norview High School. The teen said after arriving home he went upstairs while his mother, 57-year-old Carol Parker, was inside the bathroom. As soon as his mother came Virginia Teen Pleads Guilty to Killing His Parentsout of the bathroom Vincent pepper-sprayed her and stabbed her in the eye. He then commenced to beating her with a baseball bat and a crowbar.

Later when the teen’s father, 55-year-old Wayne Parker, arrived home from work Vincent attacked him with a crowbar before stabbing him multiple times. After the bloody attack Wayne called 911 for help. Once emergency crews arrived at the home they found Wayne with injuries to his face and abdomen. He immediately told them to go see about his wife who was still upstairs.  It was too late for Carol; she was pronounced dead at the scene. Wayne was taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, in critical condition, where he was pronounced dead soon after arrival.

The crowbar, baseball bat and five bloody knives were recovered at the crime scene. Vincent initially fled the home, he later showed up at the police station still covered in blood. He told the officers that his father had attacked him but soon after came clean with the truth. Vincent said he just got mad and went off. The teen stated there had been no arguments with his mother; he was just angry with his father for taking things away from him such as his iPod.

The boy’s DNA was found on all three weapons and his father’s DNA was found on the blood stained shirt Vincent was still wearing. For both murders the high school student was scheduled to be tried as an adult in Norfolk Circuit Court,Vincent Parker Pleads Guilty to Killing His Parents instead he pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder.

Vincent, a 10th grader in high school, was an honor roll student. A close friend of the family said he was always well-mannered, a talented artist and all around good student. His mother, Carol, had worked for Dominion Power for many years and his dad, Wayne, worked as a heating and air-conditioning mechanic.

The boy’s family members sat together in the court room as Vincent admitted to the judge that he had indeed killed his mother and father. Angela Barclift-McGee, Carol’s cousin, said hearing his confession was unreal, just as things have felt since the day she learned that her close family members had been killed. Angela said she just could not fathom that Vincent could do anything as bad as that. She is still wondering how he could murder his parents and why. He was an only child who was extremely close to his mother. Angela still has not been able to talk to her young cousin who she watched grow up. She goes from being very angry at him to wanting to hug him; it is a back and forth battle every day.

Vincent T. Parker, a Norfolk teenager, has pleaded guilty to two counts of second degree murder. Right before Christmas last year this 16-year-old honor student stabbed and beat his parents, Wayne and Carol Parker, to death. He is being held in a detention center but will be sentenced on September 18, 2014.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. online10   September 18, 2014 at 11:16 am

    it is really sad however he must pay for what he has done and I believe he needs to be punished as an adult. Now how does it feel to not have an ipad an iphone or even an I want anything…But I can only imagine what you WILL get when they say I want it while you locked up!

  2. Ernaldo Clarke   May 29, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    I hope you suffer in prison you nigga!!!

  3. Rob Grant   May 29, 2014 at 9:50 am

    So very tragic. Either there is more to this story that we don’t know or he did it for exactly the reasons he stated, both possibilities are equally terrifying. (Apologies to Arthur C. Clarke)

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