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For those who have heard of the Virtuix Omni treadmill, there is a piece of good news. This new next generation piece of technology is set to release in September, unless someone happened to pre-order it, then in that case they will be able to snatch it up in July and do a full body dive into their favorite video game before everyone else. Virtuix 3D is coming in September and game enthusiasts all over will be able to have a full immersion experience once it is available.

For those out there who have not had the pleasure of seeing, testing or even reading about this fine piece of future innovation, then here is what should be known. The omni-directional treadmill made its public debut at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. There it was introduced and demonstrated as a full three-dimensional gaming experience. The operator is supposed to put on the shoes that were made exclusively to work with the Omni treadmill, secure themselves in the center and dawn the Oculus Rift view-finder over their eyes in order to become fully immersed into their game of choice. The Oculus Rift headset will not be included with the treadmill and it is not only essential for full immersion, it is 100 percent mandatory to have it in order to operate the product. The shoes made for the device make for less friction and easier movement while on the treadmill. The Virtuix Omni has no moving parts and is made for quick and easy assemble and disassemble.

The Omni treadmill supports basic game functions such as walking, running, jumping, and panning in different directions through partial and full-body movements. The device is compatible with any game that requires a keyboard interface. Virtuix states in their website that the possibilities for this technology are not just limited to video games. With this machine, a multitude of activities in reality can become available through virtual interactions. Actions such as training, fitness and exercise, virtual tourism, virtual trade shows and events, virtual workplaces, even virtual concerts.

All of this is possible through Virtuix Omni and its creation of the Omni Treadmill. The project was funded through an extremely successful campaign on the Kick starter. They started off with a goal of $150,000 and they ended up with just over one million dollars from over three-thousand financial backers. The largest backers had a private chance to test the Virtuix prototype at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo then, as stated previously, the treadmill made its debut to the public in Las Vegas at the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show. However, at the time of it was finally seen by the public, there was not a set release date yet. It was only known that it would come out this year.

The VIrtuix Omni is scheduled to ship in September. As far as launch details go, customers can pay for a bundle which contains one Omni platform, the shoes, the belt, and the tracking hardware and software. This is the basic package which costs $499. The more advanced bundle costs $1,019 and comes with two treadmills, additional shipping costs, and everything else that is packaged in the basic bundle. The additional shipping costs are sure to be noticeable, since the treadmill looks like it weighs quite a bit from the standpoint of a shipping manufacturer. So if the price tag has not turned players off to the Virtuix Omni treadmill and they have the patience to wait until September for a full three-dimensional immersion device, then best be prepared to give their keyboard a back seat. Be sure to pick up the Virtuix Omni technology this September, or if it was pre-ordered earlier than that.

By Mike White

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