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Vladimir Putin Plays Hockey, Scores Goals (Satire) [Video]


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Russian president Vladimir Putin is not just the fearless leader of a great, powerful and peaceful nation, he is also a great athlete. Putin is good at a myriad of sports, from horseback riding and skiing, to judo and professional hockey. While Russians have always been great at hockey, hockey gods have presented Russia with the most amazing player in the world, Vladimir Putin. It is no wonder, as his great talent is proof of his extra-Russian genes. Only someone who is presented with the extra-Russian gene at birth is capable of being the greatest president of Russia in its history. On Saturday, Putin joined Festival Stars, a team of fellow hockey players to play against another team from Sochi. His performance in the gala game was more than stellar.

With the final score of 21-4, Putin’s team proved to be incredibly talented. Six of the goals were scored by Putin himself, but he did allow other players to score, by setting them up with amazing plays. At the end of the game it was obvious that Vladimir Putin is a talented hockey player, and a great team member. With six goals and five assists it is no wonder that the hockey commentator praised Putin, saying that any player who could perform like Putin throughout the entire season, would be offered million dollar contracts. It is surprising how Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)  team owners are not fighting over who gets to have this amazing player on their team. This may be in part due to Putin’s gorgeous face and schedule full of other exciting sports.

This kind of performance is incredibly impressive, as Vladimir Putin had just learned to skate in 2011. However this is not the first time the President made time in his busy schedule to join a team of hockey players for a fun match-up. When Vladimir Putin joined hockey players in the past, he had always been the one to score goals and make assists. While his skating skills are not comparable with skating skills of those who actually play hockey, Putin scored goals like it was nothing. He did not celebrate his goals, and was very calm. This differs from hockey players who play professionally in the National Hockey League (NHL), who don’t score as regularly as the Russian leader, because they must lack his skill set.

The gala game was part of the hockey festival that was put on by the Night Hockey League (NHL) to foster amateur hockey around Russia. The 61-year-old President helped found the Russian NHL in 2011, roughly around the time when he learned to skate himself. The reason for his generous contributions was that he discovered his own talent. When asked about the game, Putin was very humble. “There are no winners or losers here. This was a friendly game, a show and everybody enjoyed it,” said Putin. “Look, all these people are in their 40s and they all do sports in their free time. If events like the Night Hockey League games in the regions and the final Cup matches here in Sochi help to get people involved in sports – we can say we have reached our goal.”

The game included Russian hockey legends like Pavel Bure, Vyacheslav Fetisov and Aleksey Kasatonov, who after years of practice and careers as professional hockey players, were playing like amateurs when compared to Putin.

While Putin is just an amateur hockey player who is incredibly talented, he is also an avid outdoors-man who enjoys horseback riding and hunting, especially when he is shirtless, because he loves to flaunt his athletic body. Vladimir Putin is a joy to watch for all ages (see video below).

Satire by Ivelina Kunina

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