Weight Loss Blogger’s Bikini Picture Goes Viral for a Good Reason

Weight LossA weight loss blogger’s bikini picture has gone viral, and it is for a very good reason. In fact, a number of people who have successfully lost weight have supported the blogger in her campaign to show the truth about losing weight. It is not all about getting the perfect body, but about being happy with oneself.

Brooke Birmingham started blogging about her journey on the Weight Watchers plan and successfully lost 170lbs. After finding out about her blog and her amazing success, Shape got in touch. The magazine wanted to tell her story, and asked for a before and after photo. The blogger decided to proudly show off her bikini photo. However, the magazine’s writer soon got back to her saying that they would not be able to use the bikini photo and asked her to send one in that had a t-shirt covering her midriff. There was concerned about the look after the blogger’s successful weight loss.

Like many people who have lost weight, she was left with excess skin. It is a point that many magazines and publications fail to acknowledge, and affects many people who have been successful in reaching a healthy weight. Instead of having the toned abs, Birmingham has layers of skin that stretched when she gained weight and she has not been able to have removed yet.

Weight Loss BloggerShe decided to reject the offer to share her story with Shape, and decided to blog about it instead. The weight loss blogger’s bikini picture went viral, and for a very good reason. Hundreds of people supported her decision to show the truth about losing weight and how it does not lead to the happy ending that many hope it will. It shows that there are struggles afterwards, and issues that people need to deal with due to shedding so many pounds.

Some have questioned Birmingham’s decision to send the bikini photo. She could have sent any type of photo that she was happy with sharing. In her blog, she made it clear that many other women share their bikini shots, and she wanted to be one of them. She felt discriminated against due to the flaps of skin showing the truth behind losing so much weight.

According to Shape, the decision not to run the story was the writer’s and not an editorial policy. The magazine wants to show the success, and celebrate it within its pages. However, Tamron Hall, anchor for Today acknowledged that the refusal to print probably was with the magazine, and is not surprising. There is an emphasis for women to look perfect and Photoshopped, which is something Birmingham did not.

Birmingham decided to share the photo anyway, and is proud of doing so. It has since spread across the internet, and is a way to show many women and men that losing weight is not the end. It is the beginning of the journey, and loose skin is something to deal with at the end. It also shows that the perfect image in magazines is not the thing to strive for, because most of the time it is simply not possible. In short, the fact that the bikini picture of the weight loss blogger has gone viral can only be for a good reason.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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