YouTube Most Popular Video Close to Two Billion Views [Video]


The hit song Gangnam Style by the Korean pop star was uploaded to YouTube on July 15, 2012. While the video was originally popular among a particular niche of Korean Pop also known as K-Pop fans, world domination did not take long. By December of that year, Gangnam Style made the news by reaching the one billion mark. Now, half way through 2014, the most popular YouTube video is close to gaining two billion views.

Although the song is in Korean, it seemed to break international borders. In U.S., the song spent much of the year as the Billboard Hot 100 list. Gangnam Style was so popular that it was voted multiple times into the top five spot on the charts. The song caused thousands of parodies to go up. A team of lifeguards was even fired for creating their parody on the job.

As the video gained popularity, many elementary school aged children ganged up against their parents to ensure that the song was thoroughly stuck inside the head of tired adults. As the song gained viewers, it surpassed the second most watched video on YouTube which is Baby by Justin Bieber. Currently Bieber holds a billion views, while Psy is reaching his two billion mark with just over two million views to go.

This however is not the end of Psy. His other song Gentleman is reaching the 1 billion mark, with 700 million views under the belt. This makes Gentleman seventh most watched video of YouTube. Park Jae-sang, better known as Psy, was born into an affluent family, and although he is already in his late 30s he is still able to create music that resonates with young generations. When the popular video reached a billion, YouTube’s trends manager Kevin Allocca believed that the video was able to garnish success due to appeal of catchy music. Now the popular video is readying itself for the well deserved two billion views.

While it is unknown how the video continued to gain viewership past 2013, many believe that this in part can be attributed to the large viewership among children. Children have the ability to listen to the same song on repeat over and over again millions of times, and it is quite possible that the world’s population of those under 10 were able to help Psy generate millions in advertising deals by keeping the song alive.

The song appeared in many advertisements, including an ad during one of the most watched events in U.S., the Super Bowl, as well as a Samsung ad in Canada.

With so many views, it is hard to imagine the kind of money Psy makes from YouTube, which allows for monetization of videos by allowing advertisements to appear before each video. However, Park Jae-sung does not need to worry. His views will keep climbing, as he continues to strike advertisement deals with different companies and countries. YouTube’s most popular video is close to two billion and will likely surpass the viewer amount significantly.

By Ivelina Kunina


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