Aging Gracefully Can Be Easy With These Anti-Aging Tips

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Staying healthy and fit can be a challenge, there are hundreds of anti-aging drugs out there, and so many experts are telling the world what is best for our health. How to eat, how to exercise, what vitamins to take. How do consumers wade through all this information and come up with an informed decision about individualized health and fitness? Where do today’s generation find the time to investigate all this information? Most people want a doctor that is a step ahead, and is accepting of utilizing technologies that are effective, not just what everyone else is doing. Dr. Vikram Jayaprakash is the one that stands out from the crowd.

He is tuned into the world of practical medicine as well as physical well being. Many women and men struggle with aging, and the many obstacles people encounter along the way. Aging slows down many things, even though each person’s mind is still ready to go, go, go! The old ways of feeding the older patient synthetic hormones that aren’t even geared toward that person’s specific needs is out. They were not effective, as not everyone is the same, and the aging of an individual is an issue that needs to be addressed at that level, individually. The key to aging gracefully is to maintain hormonal balance and Dr. Jayaprakash is providing the most functional, anti-aging and preventative medicine around. With over 15 years in the medical field, he has found his niche in specializing in Anti-aging medicine, functional and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

anti agingThe key to hormonal balance can be the key to staying healthy and fit, and this can be done through bio-identical hormone therapy. A simple blood test can tell the doctor what changes need to be done internally to bring one’s body into balance. Working with a compound pharmacy and the doctor is the first step to beginning hormone therapy. These are not the hormones a person’s Mother took. These are custom made for each individual to fulfill their bodies needs, and not the old one size fits all that they still try to sell to this day.

Dr. Jayaprakash is part of the Younger by Design facility and they provide a wealth of information to educate those that are aging, maybe not so gracefully. Users will find information on their website about the facility, the doctors, and their anti-aging procedures. It has all the latest news right up on the front page, along with frequently asked questions. Hot flashes, night sweats, low libido are all signs of hormones being out of balance.

A vitamin and mineral combination infused with essential fatty acids is how doctors begin to bring your hormones back into balance. Although this concept has been around awhile it has not been widely used, until Suzanne Somers brought its benefits to light, backed by a number of reputable doctors. Her book Slim & Sexy forever, can take women down the natural path to aging gracefully, and is packed full of information that everyone should know. Now a woman can take it one step further with non-surgical cosmetic procedures to look as good as they feel. Anti-aging is only beneficial if it is safe and contributes to one’s overall health. If a person feels great they want to look great too! 

By Kristi Cereska

Younger By Design
Suzanne Somers
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  1. jeffreydachmd   July 18, 2014 at 7:24 am

    Anti-Aging Breakthrough with Bioidentical Hormones

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