Amazon Unveils Fire Smartphone with 3D Technology

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Today in Seattle, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has unveiled a new smartphone entitled Fire with three-dimensional imaging technology for the company who made its fame from selling books originally. They had the event in Seattle, which is only around three miles from its main campus. For both the original Kindle reader and the Fire TV set-top box Amazon decided to launch the devices in New York City.

The phone has been reported to feature a 4.7-inch liquid crystal display screen made of the durable and long-lasting Gorilla Glass. Inside the phone there will be a Quad-core Processor that runs at 2.2 GHz and can hold 2 GB of RAM. In terms of the camera there is reported to be a 13-megapixel lens with built-in optical image stabilization. While Amazon uses Google’s Android operating system as its core, it has its own user interface, which it dubs Fire OS.

The phone will have what the company is calling a dynamic perspective that can take multiple photos of an object, and recreate those images into a three-dimensional image on the screen. There are no special glasses required in order to view the image either. In the event CEO Jeff Bezos used the phone’s map application to pull up a 3D rendering of the Empire State Building in New York City. Another use of the dynamic perspective is the ability to scroll down a page the user is reading by tilting the screen. Bezos used the Washington Post as an example, which he owns.

Other features that they unveiled for its Fire smartphone besides the 3D technology today include the ability to scan virtually any item in the world from books to dish-washing detergent, and then connect to the Amazon Marketplace Application that will come standard with every phone. Once connected to the Marketplace App using what Bezos has called the Firefly feature then the customer will have the ability to browse for the exact item or similar items. This can give the user better prices and then the ability purchase the items all from the palm of the user’s hand making shopping easier and more efficient. There are companies who have used the Firefly software development kit to help people eat nutritiously. The phone will take a picture of a piece of food and using Firefly will be able to give the user nutrition information on what they are about to eat.

There are reports also that the phone will be able to hear a song or television show that the user is watching or listening to and then be able to recognize through analysis what it is. Bezos in the Seattle event went over a video that reflected the poor customer care that many mobile device users suffer through while owning a phone from other competitors. Amazon in contrast will have their new customers connected to their Mayday 24-hour a day, seven days a week hotline that gives technical and customer support for all of the companies devices.

The device is their first attempt to break into the already highly competitive mobile phone market. The two main competitors are Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronic Co., both of whom have much more experience making smartphones than the Seattle-based company, but apparently investors are very impressed by the announcement of the new Fire smartphone and its 3D technology that was unveiled today by Amazon, with prices of the stock rising over two percent within an hour of the announcement.

By B. Taylor Rash

Washington Post

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