Amy Adams Gives Up First Class Seat and Many Will Never Guess Why

Amy Adams

Amy Adams star of stage and screen is more than just a class act, her charitable nature goes deeper than most living the Hollywood life. What she does on a flight to L.A., giving up her first class seat, speaks to her character, and every American can take a page from her book on how to truly live life to the fullest. Not a bit of what she’s done was for publicity, as a matter of fact, it was so quietly done, that even the recipient of her kindness may not know what she did for him.

The actress has not only been nominated for multiple Oscars, but after this, she should be known as a wonderful and unselfish American. She was sitting in first class on her flight from Detroit to L.A., when she apparently noticed a U.S. Soldier board and proceed into coach. Prior to take off, she got a flight attendant to help her switch seats with the service man, which would have gone wholly unnoticed, except by the lucky soldier, if one of ESPN 2’s Numbers Never Lie co-hosts was not on the same flight. Jemele Hill states that she did indeed notice Adams in first class upon boarding, and as she was getting settled into his seat she saw a flight attendant bring the military man up to her first class seat. The actress was no longer there, but Hill states that she quickly figured out what was going on. The ESPN host goes on to state that she was so impressed with her act of kindness, and that she was not even sure if the uniformed man knew his beneficiary was. The TV host took to Twitter to speak of her first hand impressions of what transpired prior to take off, stating that she was always a fan, but this unselfish act took the movie star to a new level in her mind.

Amy AdamsIt seems the soldier did indeed get to meet and speak with the star briefly, as he was led to a private space by the cockpit to get the good news. Adams father was also in the military, and her patriotism certainly runs deep, as the soldier flew first class found out, while the actress proceeded to coach where she flew the entire trip. Imagine the surprise of the person in coach that was lucky enough to be the second beneficiary of this ultimately kind gesture. That lucky passenger was Ernest Owens who also took to Twitter to sing the actresses praises, and also to get in his 15 seconds of fame with a selfie of him and his new seat mate.

The 39-year-old Adams was nominated most recently for American Hustle, which was no surprise to her fans, as she seems to be nominated for virtually every movie she stars in. The stand up star was born on a military base in Europe and grew up on a military base in Colorado. Being raised Mormon in a family of seven seems to have instilled deep values that one could only hope more people would share. If every famous person did just one act of kindness such as Adams did by giving up her first class seat, the world would become a happier place, two people at a time.

By Kristi Cereska

ABC News

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  1. William jarvis   June 28, 2014 at 10:02 am

    Awesome, Great when people live what Christ taught.


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