Android Apps for Gluten Free Eaters

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For Android phone customers new apps are available that assist in a gluten-free eating regimen, no matter where the eater is located. There are apps to scan the food in the grocery store or the pantry at home. There are still more apps which allow customers to see the restaurants in their vicinity that offer gluten-free menus, either at home or on the road.

Gluten Free Freedom allows Android users to scan a bar code on any product packaging to see if it is gluten-free. This app can be used at home or the grocery store and works by scanning product bar codes, color coding results for easy reading and providing a past history of scans. The app has a 4 1-2 star customer ranking in the Google Play store and can be downloaded for $3.99.  Gluten Free Scanner does a similar job scanning the UPC code of a product and is free.

Dine Gluten Free, one of the free Android apps, accesses restaurants for the traveling gluten-free eater. This free app works both inside and outside the U.S. with a link and map to the restaurant. There are also links for social sharing. There are dining reviews, a coupons page and a calendar which lists gluten-free events around the country. The app, which depends upon dining reviews, has a 3 1-2 star ranking in the Google Play store. Another restaurant locator app, Find Me Gluten Free, has a 4 1-2 star customer ranking in the Google Play store and is free.

At five stars, Gluten Free Restaurant Locator is the highest rated Android app of this type, and is $1.99 to download. It is designed to help travelers find restaurants with gluten-free menus. This app tends to focus on chain restaurants. With a tap of a button, this app will give driving directions, allow the user to call the restaurant or show only a specific brand of restaurant’s locations.

The Gluten Free Passport or Allergy Free Passport apps provide information on how to avoid dairy, gluten, egg, wheat, peanuts, soy, fish, shellfish, corn and tree nuts everywhere the eater travels. Available for both Apple and Android, the Passport apps allow customers to search globally or locally, in several languages. There are translation cards for ethnic restaurants in 22 languages. The pricing for the apps and translation cards ranges from $2.99-4.99 each.

Gluten Free Recipes 1000 is designed for those who cook their own gluten-free meals. There is a conversion tool that shows how to take gluten-full recipes and make them gluten-free. Some HTC phones, such as the EVO and the Inspire, do not work with this app, however there is a note on the site from the developer that states “he is working on upgrading the app for the phones that are currently incompatible.” Recipes can be searched for by name or ingredient with a favorites feature to save items for faster loading. Additionally, there are sharing features to pass recipes on to other gluten-free eaters.

The Gluten Free Registry offers advice on local bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores and caterers. Their slogan states that their mission is “to put people together with the GF-friendly businesses in their local area.” When an Android user opens the app, clicks on their state, then chooses their city from a drop-down list, a list of each type of business opens up with a link to the vendor and a map. This app is available for free on the internet or for $1.99 on the Android platform.

Finally, with all the new types of food in those newly discovered recipes, a free organizer like Microsoft OneNote or Evernote proves helpful for many. These programs are designed to track information and have the ability to sync files with other devices, share files with others and search for content. The Android platform continues to add new apps for gluten-free eaters, so users may want to run a search before downloading.

By Jenny Hansen

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