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Could Apple be on a new wave or are they threatened by Android? Rumor has it that the new iPhone 6 is on the way. The new phone is expected to have a larger screen, compared to Android’s very popular phone The Galaxy. The iPhone 5, released just nine months ago is now being moved to the second shelf and making way for the anticipated arrival of the iPhone 6.

According to sources, the new iPhone is scheduled to arrive in the fall. The sleek new phone is designed to accommodate those who have made complaints about screen visibility and battery life. Apple seems to be addressing these concerns. According to rumors, the phone screen size is expected to increase. The iPhone 6 is expected to range in size from 4.7 inches to 5.5 inches in comparison to Android and other phones that have larger displays.

Mockups of the new iPhone 6 design may have leaked and Apple is none too pleased. There have been reports stating that as of April 2014, Apple warned Chinese police about cracking down on individuals that are unveiling their trade secret.  The allegations suggest that Apple is working on something new. Although Apple is keeping quiet about the phone, the front panel was seen on a Chinese microblogging site named Weibo. Apple could be threatened by Android but they have not released any information that would support that position as far as people know.

Consumers have been on Apple’s case about the phone’s battery life. Apple’s new software, the anticipated iOS 8 will monitor battery usage. iOS 8 is scheduled to be released in the fall, approximately at the same time the iPhone 6 is expected to arrive.

It is uncertain whether Apple feels threatened by Android; however, Android has had a similar feature, on the market, for years. Apple’s iPhone 6 release may cause a decrease in Android’s sales over the coming year, which will cause an increase in competition.

The camera is expected to protrude from the iPhone 6, to allow for better photos. A video released from shows Apple members preparing for a Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled for next week. Members were seen with devices similar to those that have leaked. The video could have been a leak, which would confirm that rumors are true; however, the video could have just as easily been faked.

Mockups show that the phone’s design will have more rounded, sleeker edges. There will be a two phones, one that is 4.7 and another that is 5.5 inches. The phones are rumored to be available in colors like gold, space gray and silver. A Taiwanese blog measured the exact same measurements of the mockup with a height of 138mm, a width of 67mm and a thickness of 7mm.

Apple has always maintained a great reputation. Other Apple products, such as the iPad, Macbook and the iPhone are used by people from all over the world. Apple may or may not be threatened by Android, and are always looking for ways to keep consumers coming back. Over 500 million iPhones have been sold as of June.

By Erica Sandifer

Mail Online
Mac Rumors

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  1. Denny Crane   June 8, 2014 at 8:56 am

    It’s always the same thing… Apple ridicules the features of a competitors phone as bad, or useless- until they come along with the same features a few years later. Case in point- screen size. For years, iPhones have had small, low resolution displays. They created the buzzword “retina” to convince the iFlock that smaller is better simply because the pixel density was higher than 300ppi. The claim was made that small screens allowed you to reach the entire display with your thumbs. Well, with the iPhone 6 apparently growing to 4.7-5.5 inches, the iDevoted will require re-education. I guess 7 years of iPhone use has evolved the thumbs of the iFans to accommodate the new, larger screens.

    Well, MAYBE this time, the iPhone will finally get a true HD display. You know, like what the rest of us have had for 2 years.The iPhone 5 display, 1136 x 640, well, that was just adorable. It’s like 2011 all over again.


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