Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Back Together for Good?

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez

The media is all abuzz once again since the release of alleged celebrity news claiming Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have turned the ever-flickering relationship switch back to “on.” The on-again-off-again history of the two young lovers leaves most yawning at the mention of their sappy, lovesick drama, but maybe this time the two are no longer playing games. TMZ posted a video of Beiber and Gomez frolicking in the sand after a fun-filled day in the Malibu sun, and only a week ago the heavily tattooed 20-year-old posted a random tweet referencing an undying love. These occurrences may leave one to assume the two are back together for good, but in reality it is most likely another fatal twist in their eternally-rotating romance.

The reunion-revealing video, posted online by a friend, captures the jaded, love-struck stars seemingly side-by-side all day long. On Monday, both attended a day-long birthday celebration for mutual friend, video director Alfredo Flores’. Selena appeared eager and enthusiastic to piggy-back her teenage heart-break while taking a spin in the Baby singer’s Can-Am Spyder 3-wheeler. Sources say Gomez held her lost love close, calling the scene “sweet.” In addition, the source stated the two looked happy and in love. Throughout the afternoon, they cruised along the beach with a group of friends blowing caution to the wind and apparently any hinderance to reigniting their spark.

Later that evening, partying together at Bootsy Bellows, Gomez reportedly never wiped the smile of her face and never left Bieber’s side. Both young sprouts danced the night away in good spirits without creating a jealous row or hastily reacting to one another’s inhibited behavior. Perhaps Bieber and Gomez have put the baggage of their old relationships and their foibles behind them for good and have finally learned how to be friends. Perhaps they decided to act like grown-ups and put their narcissism aside for a day to give their friend the spotlight. Or, perhaps the stars have aligned for them once more, one last time maybe, and the two have fallen in love yet again. Perhaps this time Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together good.

Another, not so difficult to unpack, potential indicator of the up-and-down couple’s romantic reunion is the random Instagram the alleged cellphone snatcher sent out last week simply stating, “Our love is unconditional,” which he posted beneath an intimate photo of him and Gomez in a heart-felt embrace. Was the singer brainstorming new song lyrics reminiscing over lost love and days gone by or was he making a statement to his fandom of his restored feelings for the only girl he claims he has ever been in love with?

Bieber and Selena joined romantic forces back in 2010 as teenagers. They have repeatedly called off their relationship only to fall back into each other’s arms time and time again. Since their big and major split in January of 2013, the two have been seen together at music awards, Coachella and in online posts on social media discussing the drama of their relationship, only to delete the content hurriedly. Friends of the lousy-in-love couple state that the two are always talking, whether or not they are in a relationship. They say it is no surprise for the couple to fight and breakup and get back together. No state of their relationship seems to come as much of a surprise.

It is heavily rumored that Gomez seems to be drawn to Bieber like a yo-yo, and friends have testified that party boy may be a bad influence on the Disney star’s recovery since rehab this past January. However, reports have also come in that Gomez admitted to her parents that her and the Internet-sensation-turned-popstar have gotten back together, claiming this time the Biebs has cleaned up his act for good.

Opinion by Stacy Feder

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