Azealia Banks and the Never Ending Rap Beefs

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These days it seems that Youtube sensation and quick-tongued femcee Azealia Banks is being known more for sparking controversial public beefs, rather than her music. The New York city-rapper took shots (slander/insults) at yet another fellow rapper this week via Twitter. The unfortunate emcee to fall for Banks’ bait was none other than “family man” Tip “T.I.” Harris.

The drama between Azealia Banks and T.I. began over the Banks’ choice words for T.I.’s wife Tiny. Following the release of her Iggy Azalea’s and T.I.’s latest video and single No Mediocre, Banks took to her Twitter account to label his wife as basically mediocre, having a “meth face,” and could not read. The verbal onslaught on the T.I.’s wife continued, until the rapper fired back with a few choice words of his own via Instagram. Claiming that Azealia Banks was unimportant, a gremlin and threatened to end her if she spoke about his family again, the Atlanta rapper did very little to diffuse the situation. Banks responded to the rapper’s idle threats by claiming that she is going to sue him for threatening her and place him back in jail.

Although the drama seems never ending and continues to unfold via social media and TMZ, this is just another rap beef that Banks has sparked with a fellow musician over something most would overlook. Since her 212 single and video went viral, Banks has sparked public feuds with T.I.’s protégé Iggy Azalea. Started a rap beef with former Dipset rapper Jim Jones over use of the word “Vamp.” Took to Twitter to argue with Rita Ora over jelly sandals and a backstage incident during Future Music Festival. Feuded with the Stone Roses during the same festival, Lady Gaga for demo that didn’t make it to ARTPOP. Banks blasted Pharrell Williams for the poor performance of her ATMJam on the charts. She bashed European DJ duo Disclosure over a misunderstanding in an interview about a collaboration. Banks felt offended by A$AP Rocky’s less than flattering comments about black women wearing red lipstick. She also beefed with hit-maker Baauer over the misuse of a Harlem Shake Remix. Banks had choice words for Lily Allen over an old Tweet that snowballed into a Twitter war. One of the most notorious beefs with femcee Angel Haze that spawned two tracks and a warning from GLAAD for use of derogatory gay slurs during the public argument/beef.

Azealia Banks rap beefs seems to be a never-ending story over the past year and a half. Her sharp-tongue and aggressive demeanor on tracks has a direct correlation with her handling any argument in music industry drama. From 2013 to now, Banks has not held her tongue or found politically correct words for any artist that seems to offend her in any way and the recent confrontation is not a step in the right direction to build publicity for a virtually mythological debut album.

The rap industry is not a strange territory for reported disagreements, but there usually is an end to the unnecessary disagreements and beef. With the talented Azealia Banks it seems like the drama is unfortunately never-ending. Although some say that all press is good press, it is probably better to be known among fans and music lovers for taking the high-road and releasing classic material rather than taking shots at well-established musicians for notoriety.

Opinion by Tyler Cole

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