California Residents Ranked Snobbiest in US


California dreams certainly evoke visions of mansions in the hills, convertible sports cars and lavish celebrity lifestyles, so it is no wonder that 6 midsize cities in the Golden State are ranked as having the snobbiest residents in the United States. Movoto Real Estate’s website just released a list of the top ten snobbiest cities in the US, making California the snobbiest state in the nation. Movoto based this list on several characteristics of lifestyle observed in the communities during the 2010 US Census. Rankings depend on median home price, average household income, percentage of residents with college degrees, private school enrollment rates, performing arts per capita and total number of art galleries, country clubs as well as fast food restaurants. The more the better in all of these categories except the number of fast food restaurants.

California residents in Pasadena top the rankings of the snobbiest US cities at number one, followed by Thousand Oaks, CA; Alexandria, VA; Naperville, IL and Santa Rosa, CA. The Golden State also dominates the back half of the top ten list behind Fort Lauderdale, FL at number six; then Glendale, Sunnyvale and Fullerton, all midsize cities in California and Eugene, OR at number ten. The majority of the cities on this list are located in California and from local news interviews, this pretentious title does not seem to phase Californians and other snobs. Although the word snob usually has a rather negative connotation one Naperville, IL resident proudly stated, “I am probably here because I am a snob. It means we’re better than everyone else, and we know it, and so we pay to be among those that are better than everyone else.” Generally speaking, snobs probably aren’t bothered by being called a snob. They probably enjoy it.

Although most snobs do not not mind being named part of this exclusive club of ostentatious individuals, some people that live in Naperville, IL frankly disagree with the city being ranked at number four on Movoto’s top ten snobbiest list.  One woman believes that the people that complied the list have not, “done their homework” and that Naperville is a very neighborly community; however, neighborly and snobby are not synonyms of each other in the thesaurus. It is possible to be a good neighbor and a big snob at the same time, because it is often likely that neighbors have the same size house with comparable family incomes. They have children enrolled in the same private school who are not allowed to eat fast food. They frequent the same country clubs where they discuss the stock market and sample wine. Then they go out that evening and enjoy the arts together. Birds of a feather flock together. In fact these snobs are probably quite neighborly.

A CBS reporter who covered this story traveled to Pasadena, CA to see if the rankings of the top ten snobbiest city in the US matched up with the residents who were shopping downtown. One woman he interviewed chalked up the number one ranking to simple jealousy! Oddly enough, the reporter claimed that he could not find any snobs on streets of downtown Pasadena and believed the survey to be flawed. Chances are this California reporter could have been looking through rose colored lenses since he probably lives in one of the cities named on Movoto’s list.

By Sarah Gallagher

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  1. Julie   June 30, 2014 at 6:30 am

    I moved to Naperville from the city of Chicago because great education and low crime was something beneficial to my children. Am wondering why the resident who claims to be “better than everyone else” didn’t proudly state her name and subdivision!!!!

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