Card-like Charger That Can Charge a Phone in Seconds

card-like charger

Most people who own smartphones and tablets always find it hard to stay connected because their battery charge normally runs out after a few hours. Linear Flux, a tech startup, created a card-like charger that can charge a smartphone in a matter of seconds. There are other chargers that can accomplish a similar feat, but they are usually big in size and very bulky. However, the Lithium card charger created by Linear flux has only the thickness of four credit cards stacked on top of each other. The startup claims that the card-like charger is small enough to fit in a person’s pocket or wallet.

The company launched a funding campaign for the charger on Indiegogo claiming that their innovation can hold a charge of 1200mAh. Their campaign was successful and they got a lot of funding from investors. An experiment by Mashable on YouTube shows that the charger does a little better than a biggie battery. It also comes with support for iOS and Android devices and has an inbuilt cord that can be neatly tucked away when not in use.

The charger could prove to be a great solution for the battery capacity problem that phone makers face. Every other year, Apple, Samsung, LG and other phone manufacturers create powerful phones that run applications very fast. However, consumers find it difficult to enjoy the new phone capabilities because their phones run out of charge too fast. However, as much as the card-like charger can charge a phone in seconds, it can only provide one dose of charge after which it too needs to be charged.

Currently, a typical smartphone can hardly make it through the day on a single charge. Thus, users can only spend a short time running high-end applications like games. Often, users must limit their time online because staying connected requires a lot of battery power. The only solution to this for most phone manufacturers is to make the phones bigger so that the phones can accommodate larger batteries that will last longer. Fortunately, there are organizations that are trying to find a better solution for this.

California Lithium Battery has been testing a material that combines the capacity of silicon with the charge stability of grapheme. According to California Lithium Battery, silicon can offer ten times the capacity of battery life currently used on phones. However, silicon can only maintain recharging ability if it is combined with grapheme.

Another institution trying to come up with new solutions is Stanford University. Stanford is conducting research on how to prevent silicon from swelling while charging by using silicon oxide nanotubes. Until they manage to come up with a new battery technology, companies will have to come up with smart solutions for this problem.

Already, there are rumors that Apple’s recent purchase of the LuxVue tech company was so that they could use their technology to build power efficient smartphones. Analysts claim that smart devices are getting functionally indistinguishable, and sooner or later the only problem that will be conspicuous to consumers is the battery capacity problem. For now, the card-like charger that can charge smartphones in seconds seems like the only viable solution.

By Michael Obunga


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