Chris Brown Vows to Never Return to Jail

Chris brown
Chris Brown has vowed he will never again return to jail. This resolution was made after his early release from the Los Angeles County Jail.

Brown, 25, was released 23 days earlier than his set prison term of 131 days. The original sentence put the singer in jail for a total of one year, but he was granted redemption for time served; this time included 116 days in rehab, as well as a previous 59 days already spent behind bars. There are reports that this sentence could have been as harsh as four years in prison, but the judge was lenient due to Brown’s struggle with bipolar disorder. Among Brown’s conditions were random drug testing three times a week and bi-weekly sessions with a shrink.

Upon his release, Brown has reportedly privately told his record label that he has no plans to end up in a criminal situation ever again. He has allegedly made promises to swear not only off drugs, but also the people he was surrounding himself. These people, Brown claims, contributed to his outlaw behavior and were a bad influence on him overall.  However, the singer does not attribute all of his wrongdoings on the concept of guilt by association; the singer has confessed that many of his actions were his alone, and for this he accepts full responsibility. Despite this, the Viriginia born hit-maker has made a promise to put his focus solely on his music, thereby not straying into the criminal underworld once more.

Brown’s legal troubles began in 2009, when a dispute between him and then-girlfriend Rihanna, a multi-Grammy winning recording artist from Barbados, escalated into physical violence. Rihanna was left with multiple facial injuries, which in turn resulted in her hospitalization. Brown ended up being charged with not only felony assault, but also with making criminal threats. After pleading guilty to said felony, he was sentenced to five years probation, community service, and domestic violence counselling. He came under fire in early 2013 when allegations began to arise that he had faked the completion of his aforementioned community service. The Deputy Attorney in the case, Marry Murray, asked the judge to decline acceptance of Brown’s community service report due to what she called sloppy documentation at best and fraudulent reporting at worst.

He was brought back into the criminal justice system again shortly after, when he was accused of assaulting hip hop star Frank Ocean, who is of gay orientation. Although the matter caused outrage among both the public and the LGBT community (Ocean claimed that Brown had not only threatened to shoot him, but that one of the Run It singer’s entourage had thrown a gay slur at him), it was dropped after Ocean declined to press charges.

Brown’s troubles came to a head in early May, when he violated his aforementioned probation in the Rihanna case. This violation was made by way of a brutal assault on a man named Parker Adams, who aggravated Brown by attempting to photobomb a picture the singer was taking with two girls. Brown’s bodyguard Christophy Hollosy also assisted in the beating, leaving Adams with a brutalized face. The bodyguard was found guilty of assault, while Brown’s trial was postponed. Brown had been in jail since March 2014 for being evicted from court ordered rehab for breaking the rules of the establishment. This was following a slew of law related incidents, including a traffic accident and a claim from a San Diego woman that Brown had pushed her off the stage at a nightclub.

Chris Brown has made a firm vow to change his ways and never return to jail. However, it remains to be seen whether or not the hip-hop superstar will follow through with this promise.

By Rebecca Grace

Los Angeles Times
Yahoo Celebrity

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