Giuliana Rancic and Husband Suffer Surrogate Miscarriage

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Entertainment reporter Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill just announced devastating news in their hopes of expanding their family. The couple has recently found out that the surrogate hired to carrying their baby has miscarried the child.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic already have a child, a son named Edward Duke that was born back in 2012 via the same surrogate whose name is Delphine. With the success of the birth of baby Duke, Giuliana and Bill looked once again to Delphine to carry a second child for the couple. Delphine was only at nine weeks gestation and did not quite make it to the 12 week safe zone before miscarrying.

The E News host and television personality and her real estate development husband who came to notoriety as the winner in the first season of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice have been documenting their attempts for a brother or sister for baby Duke on their popular reality show Giuliana and Bill that is now in its fifth season on the E network. 39-year-old Giuliana Rancic made the announcement on the air of E News during Monday’s broadcast saying both she and Bill found out about the loss while cameras for their reality show were rolling. Out of respect for Delphine and in the moment of receiving the shocking news, the couple chose to get more details about the miscarriage in private and off camera from Delphine’s doctor. Bill and Giuliana wanted to let Delphine know that they do not hold her responsible for the current miscarriage.

Guiliana met Bill Rancic while on assignment for E News to interview The Apprentice winner. Camera’s caught the immediately smitten Giuliana flirting with the handsome Chicago based entrepreneur. Since their marriage, the couple have chronicled the challenges of having two very demanding careers, and in the early years of their marriage, living in separate cities, and trying to start a family all played out for the cameras of their reality show.

The miscarriage is the latest blow for the couple that has endured ongoing fertility challenges throughout the course of their seven year marriage. The couple turned to in vitro fertilization after attempts at conceiving a child the old-fashioned way would end in a string of miscarriages. They would encounter another major setback in having children once Giuliana Rancic receiving word of having breast cancer. After overcoming the matter of breast cancer and a double mastectomy,  the couple would turn to surrogacy as an option and have stayed strong with every bump faced in their journey to have a family. This latest bump, while distressing, has made the couple draw strength from their faith and say they intend to try again for a baby. The couple says they are going to take their time and give some space between this latests setback before trying immediately. The couple also says that while they are not putting any pressure on Delphine to continue to try to carry another fetus for them, they would like to still have Delphine as their surrogate, should she choose to remain to carry their baby.

By Hal Banfield


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One Response to "Giuliana Rancic and Husband Suffer Surrogate Miscarriage"

  1. Kathie stanford   June 4, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    I am so sorry for the Rancic’s but glad that they
    are leaning on their faith. After your tears u both
    can heal and be open to receive a better newly made Bill & Guilann
    Translation ” Greater belief and greater parents.”
    If u r blessed later, your philosophy will be faith
    first and family.
    $$ comes and goes, but family is your
    Soft landing and God. Kathie

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