Father Jailed After Attacking Kid Who Bullied His Autistic Son

Burnis Hurd landed in  Jail after attacking child who bullied his autistic sonAn angry father landed himself in jail after he attacked an 11-year-old kid that allegedly bullied his autistic son. Burnis Hurd got on the school bus with his 9-year-old son. After his son identified the boy who had been bullying him the father commenced to beating the child up. He grabbed the accused by his hair, pulled hard and lifted the boy out of his seat. Then he shoved him on the side of the bus where the window connects with the wall. The alleged bully, Calvin Davis, ended up with a gashed earlobe and a cheek abrasion.

Not only did Hurd attack Davis he threatened to kill the student and in fact used threatening language to other students on the bus as a warning. The terrible ordeal was not recorded on video but reportedly the bus driver did intervene. The school bus driver never reported the incident, instead the victim told the principal of the school about his experience. Kim Moses, the school principal, said Davis came and said to her, “I was attacked by a dad.” The accuser and accused are both enrolled in a special education program at Wilson Elementary School in Richmond, California.

According to Moses, the allegation is a fifth grader was bullying a second grader; this is what set the father off. After the incident however, the driver dropped the children off at school as if nothing ever happened. Not only did the driver not report the incident but the district is also up because the driver allowed an unauthorized person access to the bus. This is totally against district policy. “I would have preferred the driver of the bus bring the student to my office and tell me what happened” said Moses.

Hurd ended up in jail pending a $50,000 bond. The furious father has been charged with bodily injury to a child and child abuse. The aunt and guardian of the 11-year-old boy said she wants the mad man to be “prosecuted to the fullest.”Father Jailed After Attacking Kid Who Bullied His Autistic Son

Although Richmond Police are still investigating the incident Sgt. Nicole Abetkov said it does not matter what their age is, adults cannot take matters into their own hands with children. Assaulting a child is definitely not an acceptable behavior. Investigators are doing a thorough analysis before forwarding the case on because it involves children with special needs.

The cousin of the assault victim, David Jones, said no violence should have come to the child. Instead, Hurd should have reported the supposed bullying to the proper authorities a long time ago. This could have been resolved without violence.

Davis no longer rides the school bus. According to Melanie Watson, his aunt, he is afraid because he has a history of abuse. She said to have a grown man come on the school bus, threaten him and commence to putting his hands on him in a violent manner is just not good; especially when he has experienced that type of abuse previously.

Watson said there have been entirely too many incidents in the news lately of adults attacking students. “This is sending the wrong message to our children. This needs to stop; who is going to finally put their foot down and say enough is enough,” exclaimed Watson.

The West Contra Costa Unified School District said the driver had been suspended pending investigation but the First Student Bus Company said the driver has been reassigned but is still driving. Marcus Walton, spokesman for the district, said it is obvious something like this is unacceptable. “It is our expectation that all of our contractors will take the same care with the students as we do when they are on our grounds,” said Walton.

Burnis Hurd landed himself in jail after he attacked an 11-year-old boy who allegedly bullied his autistic son. This angry father boarded the school bus with his 9-year-old son. After his son identified Calvin Davis as his bully the father physically addressed the boy and threatened to kill him.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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