FIFA World Cup: Is There Any Point in England Playing Costa Rica?

FIFA World Cup

Is there any point in England playing Costa Rica in the FIFA World Cup? That is a question on many lips, especially of those who have no interest in soccer—or football as it is known to other countries around the world. It may seem like a waste of time for the players, when they could go back home and start training for the qualifiers of the European Championships in 2016.

Costa Rica is officially through to the knock-out stages after defeating Italy in Friday’s game. It is currently the only team to win its first two games, and only Italy or Uruguay can go onto the next stage. Even if the teams draw in their next game, England has lost two of its games and is officially out of the tournament. It is the first time since 1958 that the team has not made it past the group stage of the FIFA World Cup.

However, the team still has its third game of the group stage. This is against Costa Rica, and has many people questioning whether there is any point. It is just delaying the players’ trip home.

So, is there any point in England playing Costa Rica in the FIFA World Cup? The short answer is yes. There is also a point in the players putting some effort into their last game. By putting in some effort, the players can redeem some pride after the poor inconsistent skills in the previous two games.

The main point in playing is for Costa Rica. At the moment, it is the only team to win two games. However, Italy and Uruguay are playing their final game against each other. All it takes is one of these teams to win and that leads to two teams drawing on six points each. For those who do not know, the winning team gets three points, and it is one point for a draw. It would come down to goal difference to decide who goes through as the leader in the table, and who would go through in second place.

By Costa Rica playing its third game, there is a chance for the team to win. That would mean it would be the only team to win all three of its games, and therefore would be at the top of the table with the only team gaining nine points. Whoever wins between Italy and Uruguay would then be second with the only team to have six points.

What happens if the Italy vs. Uruguay game is a draw? Then it would not really matter for Costa Rica, as it would still be at the top of the table for Group D. However, it would not be fair for the team to miss out on its last game. Even if they have nothing to gain in terms of positioning, it is a pride for the players to go on the pitch in front of their fans and show off their skills.

The battle would be between Italy and Uruguay for who would come second and third. That all comes down to the goal difference. Either way England is still out, which has led to some questioning whether there is any point in the team playing against Costa Rica in the last of its FIFA World Cup group-stage games.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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