Former O.C. Actor Cam Gigandet Blasts Co-stars

Former O.C. Actor Cam Gigandet Blasts Co-stars
Cam Gigandet, who starred in the hit teen drama The O.C., has put his former co-stars on blast. The actor voiced his opinion during a recent interview with Elle magazine. Gigandet, 31, did not have many positive recollections of his time spent with the younger members of The O.C.’s cast. He referred to them as miserable, stating that they were extremely hard to work with in terms of both their relationship with him, and with the producers themselves.

The actor alleges that the cast members would deliberately forget their lines or get them wrong, simply to stir up drama. He attributed this behavior to potentially have been caused by celebrity youthful entitlement, given that the cast members in question were fairly young when they reached extremely high standings of fame.

In terms of the cast’s relationship with the actor himself, he gives an account of not having received the warmest of welcomes. He singles out co-star Ben McKenzie in particular, saying that the Southland star seemed to have a personal issue with him from the moment he arrived on set, despite them never having had any previous interaction. Gigandet goes on to joke that his memories of co-star Mischa Barton, to which he played a romantic interest during his run on the show, are fuzzy at best. The actor claims to not hold any personal resentment towards his former cast members, praising McKenzie’s acting skills and professing his love for the actor’s cancelled crime drama Southland. Although Gigandet admits he no longer speaks to the cast, he claims this is not directly related to the aforementioned incidents, as he does not tend to keep in contact with anybody he has previously worked with.

The Washington native starred in the FOX teen drama from 2005 to 2006, first appearing in the show’s third season and making his final appearance in its third. He was cast as the role of bad boy Kevin Volchok, known simply by Volchok, who targets McKenzie’s character Ryan Atwood as an enemy after Ryan punches him the face in order to protect a friend from getting a fight with Volchok. Volchok begins a romantic relationship with Ryan’s former girlfriend Marissa Cooper, who is played by Mischa Barton. This relationship ultimately ends in tragedy after Volchok gets in a drunken car chase with Ryan and Marissa, who are on their way to the airport in order for Marissa to leave Newport Beach for good. The chase ends with Ryan and Marissa’s car being driven off the road, resulting in the girl’s death. Her death marked the end of the third season. The fourth season opens with Ryan vowing to avenge his former partner’s death with the help of her mother, which culminates in a trip to Mexico in order to kill Volchok. Before Ryan can make true on his promise, however, Adam Brody’s character Seth Cohen tricks Ryan into going to a false location in order to find Volchok, thus allowing Volchok to escape and save Ryan from a life of imprisonment. This is Volchok’s last appearance in the show.

Gigandet went on to appear in the blockbuster movie Twilight, as well as the 2010 musical Burlesque, alongside Christina Aguilera. He is currently starring as a lead role in the CBS drama Reckless, which hit the air on June 29, 2014.

Although he had few nice things to say about his former The O.C. stars, Cam Gigandet says he holds no grudge against them. The actors and actresses involved have no yet responded to the actor’s claims.

By Rebecca Grace

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