Four Foo Fighters Fans Bring Band Back to Perform in Virginia

Four Foo Fighters Fans Bring Band Back to Perform in Virginia

Four fanatical Foo Fighters fans have raised enough money through crowd-funding to get their favorite band, the Foo Fighters, to appear in an unscheduled concert in Richmond, Virginia. The Foo Fighters have not performed in concert in Richmond, nor anywhere else in Virginia, since 1998.

The four fanatical Foo Fighters fans are Brig White, Lucas Krost, Andrew Goldin, and John McAdorey. Noting among themselves that the Foo Fighters had not played in Richmond, nor Virginia, even though Virginia is the home state of the band’s frontman, David Grohl, for so many years, they brainstormed ideas to get them back.

The four intrepid fans decided that their best bet was to get a crowd-funding campaign going, and they used the site Crowdtilt to accomplish their goal of getting the Foo Fighters to return to Richmond, Virginia. Starting in March, they sold tickets at $50 a pop to a nonexistent Foo Fighters concert, hoping to raise the $70,000 needed to both sell out an auditorium and pay the band — provided that the Foo Fighters would agree to come back and play the unscheduled event.

On Saturday, June 14, David Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters saw on Twitter that four fans in Virginia had raised the $70,0000 they needed to bring the Foo Fighters back. The Foo Fighters had been not gotten word about the campaign previous to having read about it on Twitter, but they agreed to make their four fans’ crowd-funding dream come true by performing a concert in Richmond.

The Foo Fighters have been hard at work getting their latest album completed, as well as working on a HBO special about the making of the album.

The $70,000 came not only from selling fake tickets to the nonexistent Foo Fightesr show, Field of Dreams-style, staging a concert in the hopes that the Foo Fighters would come; some of the money also was from $5,000 donations that were provided by area businesses. Also, ads on the Richmond radio station, XL102, designed to promote the show, helped raise enough money.

If the very real possibility had occurred that the Foo Fighters either couldn’t find the time to perform in Richmond or they just didn’t want to do it, Goldin said in a statement that “everyone gets their money back. Every cent.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, the exact details about the place where the Foo Fighters will perform and the date for the concert have yet to be ironed out. However, it looks like, as Goldin and his friends wanted, they have made “rock-n-roll history” by getting the Foo Fighters to agree to perform in Virginia after an absence of 15 years.

The Foo Fighters responded to the tweets that the $70,000 had been raised with the words “See ya soon…let’s have a good time.”

The four fanatical Foo Fighters fans will have their dreams of bringing the Foo Fighters back to Richmond, Virginia, come true, at some date in the near future. Their crowd-funding campaign was successful, and now…one of the only questions that remains is, how long will it be before a movie is made about their campaign and efforts?

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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