Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry: Can The Friendship Blossom?


Actor Robert Pattinson reportedly made mention of Katy Perry to a friend and described Perry as “hot,” once again fueling rumors that a romance may be blossoming.  Pattinson and Perry are known friends who may be on the road to the something more.  The two friends have both nursed broken hearts over the past couple years.

The “hot” quote reportedly occurred in the Whiskey Blue lounge at the W Hotel after-party for Pattinson’s  new film Rover.  When Perry arrived at the party she and Pattinson reportedly launched a bout of non-stop flirting. It was also reported that Perry retired into the patio area and not long after Pattinson joined her.

While Pattinson has reportedly been living at the home of his former girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, it has also  been reported that his nights at the Stewart home only occur when Stewart is out of town. Pattinson was rumored to have been dating model Imogen Ker, while Perry has been recently linked to music producer and DJ, Diplo. Sometime last year Perry also reportedly likened Pattinson to a little brother that she just hangs out with, telling Pattinson that she was most proud of not having slept with him.

Perry married and divorced famed British actor-comedian Russell Brand. She and Brand began dating in September 2009 and became in engaged in December 2009. They married in October 2010, and Brand left Perry devastated when he served her with divorce papers in 2011. Pattinson as well suffered a public heartbreak when photos of a rendezvous between girlfriend Kristen Stewart and film director Rupert Sanders surfaced.

In August 2012 Perry began to date singer and serial dater John Mayer. Perry endured an on-again-off-again romance with Mayer that more recently has been off.

Pattinson and Perry have reportedly been friends for six years. On April 12 of this year, rumors flew when Pattinson and Perry showed up together at the Indio, California Coachella music festival.  The pair reportedly spent an entire Coachella weekend together, and again looked very cozy as reports surfaced that they held hands and shared a public kiss.  Both Pattinson and the Dark Horse singer are newly single and, after so many years as platonic friends, the time may be ripe for their long-term friendship to blossom into romance.

Perry Katy’s music career took off with her 2010 hit single I kissed a Girl, from her Teenage Dreams album. She had previously been trying to break into the music industry for a number of years.

Perry was born Katheryn Hudson in 1984. She was reared in a conservative home. Both of her parents were pastors who rejected popular music. However, at the age of nine Perry began to take singing lessons, and at the age of 13 she learned to play guitar. She then began to rebel against her strict upbringing.

Perry’s mother embraced Perry’s desire to enter the music industry by taking her to Nashville to record gospel music. At the time Perry was known as Katy Hudson. She recorded a gospel album that went nowhere, and the record label went bankrupt. Perry later moved out on her own to Los Angeles and toiled for a number of years to launch herself in the recording industry.  She finally signed with Capitol records in 2007, and the rest is history.

Rumors have been circulating about Pattinson and Perry for months, yet the pair insist they are nothing more than really good friends. While a romance appears to be blossoming between the two friends they have not validated any of the rumors.

By Janet Walters Levite

Hollywood Life
Daily Mail
Page Six

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  1. Samantha Cokeley   June 16, 2014 at 2:05 pm

    Do you know what leave them alone and let them live their lives if they did decide to get together at the back of their mind they might belive the watchers behind the cameras made the chess moves on these people, they might be famous and loved by fans but give them some privacy for heavens sake!!

  2. Super   June 16, 2014 at 12:48 am

    We all recognize Robert as Edward Cullen in Twilight, but can the British handsome be taking a more iconic role that will change the way the industry looks at him.
    The rumours are that Robert is to replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in the upcoming film.
    Check out ->> Is Robert Pattinson the next Indiana Jones?

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