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Google Now is a mobile app that has been available on Android and iOS platforms for quite some time now. It is actually quite useful, as it works in the background learning more about your habits–but not like the NSA does. It uses the information gathered to find new ways for people to cut tedious corners in their daily lives. Now, because of the most recent updates to the interface, Google Now has gotten even smarter.

A function was added last week that reminds commuters when to get off of public transportation, in case one accidentally dozes off during the early morning commute, or after a long day of work. If the user is simply in a foreign land and not familiar with the stops, it works there too. This addition has been circulating around android blogs since it was released, however it is still unclear how Google Now knows when a person is using mass transit. What is certain is, as of now, the App uses its own internal clock linked to an alarm. This gives the user the option to set an alarm which can be easily cancelled if the decision needs to be revoked. This was only the most recent addition to Google Now’s already impressive repertoire.

The App is constantly gathering information potentially unknown to the user, and organizing it into specialized cards which reveal themselves whenever a use arises. One can also program the mobile app manually from the settings to help the app quickly learn the users’ daily schedule, then tailors results to better assist the user. For example, knowing where the owner of the Google Now capable device lives, it will bring a weather card up in the morning to show them how their ensemble should reflect the current climate. Then, when users begin their commute, their device will bring up a card showing them how to best avoid the traffic. Once that mystery is taken care of, all the owner’s appointments will be brought up with their individual cards. If one of the appointments require a call and Google recognizes the intended recipient, it will bring that number up on the card. The app will also remind travelers of any flights. Once inside the airport a card will pop up with the user’s boarding pass, even if purchased on a computer as opposed to the phone itself. As smart as Google Now already seems, however, it still can let its hair down when the time is necessary.

The mobile app has many functions tailored specifically for leisure time. This includes various cards for Fandango, Zillow, local attractions and events. Another addition Google is implementing is inferred events. If Google sees you use your gmail account to make plans with a friend, it will make a card for that event and ask if you plan to follow through. It can do all of this while also reminding users about new releases in literature, film, television, music, and the news. If someone is on vacation, the app can find lodging, places to eat, and even help ease the translation process if necessary. With all the functions Google Now is already capable of, it is a waiting game now–to see what smart new additions the people at Google plan next to improve their handy app.

By Eddie Mejia

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