Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin May Not Be Splitting Up

Gwyneth Paltrow

Just months after announcing their “conscious uncouping,” Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin may not be splitting up after all. It seems like the pressure of not being forced to stay together and be happy has helped to take the stress off their relationship. It has only been three months, but the plans for divorce have been stopped for now.

The couple announced their split in March 2014, after almost 11 years of marriage. Many fans were disappointed to hear about it, and believed that it was a spur of the moment decision. However, it soon turned out that the two had been having marital problems for 18 months or so, and had tried to remain together. After therapy, counselling and other ways to try and save the marriage, the two decided that it was better to split up.

They have regularly made sure that their family life has been out of the papers, and they did the same this time. Their children, Apple and Moses, were shielded from as much drama as possible. The two even agreed that they would co-parent.

According to a source close to the couple, the Iron Man actress had some ground rules for the breakup to work in the best way for their children. Neither would date right away, and they would respect each other during this time. They continued to communicate like adults, rather than let either of their feelings get in the way. It seems like those ground rules have meant that Paltrow and Martin may not be splitting up.

In fact, during the last three months, both have still lived in the family home. They have also been spotted out on romantic dates, and were taking family vacations just before the announcement of their impending divorce. Paltrow was also seen wearing her wedding ring still.

The decision to still live at home has been easier since the two travel a lot for their own work needs. There have been times that they have had their Brentwood home to themselves and just the children while the other half of the couple has been away. However, they have been happy living together when both have been in town.

Paltrow received some ridicule shortly after her announcement for using the term “conscious uncoupling.” However, her actress friend Cameron Diaz stood by her, and supported the decision to divorce but remain friends. This led to the reason for supporting the term “uncoupling.” There is still stigma around the term “divorce,” which often leads to people believing that the couple now hate each other. This was never the case for Martin and his 31-year-old wife.

The couple still act as if they are together from time to time, and attempt to keep their relationship as stable as possible. While some suggest that this is show for the children, friends close to them believe that they may work it out and get back together. That is certainly the way it seems right now, as Paltrow and Martin have cooled their divorce plans hinting they may not split up.

By Alexandria Ingham


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