IKEA Withdraws Legal Action Against IKEAhackers


IKEA has withdrawn legal action against fan-site IKEAhackers as outcry from fans poured in from all forms of communication. Messages, comments and tweets were poseted in favor of keeping the furniture do-it-yourself hack site up and running after IKEA wanted to shut it down.

The fan site started when someone who goes by the name Jules Yap saw how people were using parts from different IKEA furniture to improve other IKEA products or create new products. Yap began collecting those ideas and started IKEAhackers. Originally, the site started on Blogspot, but eventually moved to its own domain.

On the website, Yap claims no connection to IKEA and only offers collection of IKEA hacks that she has found around the web. Yap also claims to not gain any monetary profit other than the ads that are placed around the website.

In a blog post on the IKEAhackers website, Yap wrote that she received a Cease and Desist letter from IKEA that claimed that she was infringing on their intellectual property. The letter asked that Yap hand over the domain name over to IKEA. Yap wrote in the blog post that the following months resulting in IKEA and Yap coming to an arrangement that would allow the domain name to stay in Yap’s possession with the stipulation that she remove all ads from the site.

In an interview, a spokesperson for IKEA noted that they were concerned that customers may see the IKEAhackers site as connected to IKEA and that the hacked products may not meet the standards that are established through the company. Also, IKEA was worried about how Yap makes money off the site. Though Yap does not make money off of the IKEA hacks, she does have a link to an online store that sells old and used IKEA items.

While Yap agreed to taking off the ads from the site, she remained puzzled about how the site would be able to stay up if the ad revenue ceased. In her blog post, Yap wrote that she would need to change domain names and that would possibly lead to a change in the website name.

After much news coverage and fan support of IKEAhackers, IKEA has agreed to withdraw legal action against the site and try to come to better terms for both the brand and Yap. Through another post on her website, Yap was quick to thank all the people who sent out support across the web.

Yap thanked the many tweets and comments that came from fans trying to support the IKEAhackers website. In the same post, Yap wrote about how she was able to talk to someone over at IKEA and that they were willing to talk and negotiate better terms with her.

For now, the IKEAhackers does not have to change. The domain name will be able to stay in Yap’s possession and the ads will be able to stay in place. This does not mean that the ordeal is over. Yap wrote on the post that negotiations are far from over. She still needs to talk to IKEA and that could still result in some big changes happening.

The IKEAhackers website has been active since that last post, but an update to the ordeal has not happened yet. Fans of the site are getting ready if the site should end to exist. Many are advising other users to save their favorite hacks and ideas from the site. Others are making their own link lists from other IKEA hacking sites from around the web.

While IKEA has agreed to withdraw legal action against IKEAhackers, Yap still has to wait to find out what is going to happen with the fan site. The fans support shows that IKEA is willing to listen to its customers and try to continue to let their fans think outside the box when it comes to their products.

By Raul Hernandez


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