Jonah Hill Apologizes for Homophobic Slur

jonah hill

jonah hillJonah Hill has issued an apology for the homophobic slur he uttered over the weekend. The slur had been directed at an overly aggressive photographer. The photographer in question had, according to Hill, been tailing him for the duration of the day. The incident was recorded on the paparazzo’s camera, and during the encounter the man can be heard mocking Hill’s floral print board shorts.

The 21 Jump Street star claims the photographer had also been making off camera remarks towards the actor’s family, remarks he says were rude and hurtful. The outburst the photographer was aiming for finally burst through after hours of provocation, with the 30-year-old Academy Award nominee hurling the homophobic slur “f*****” at him along with a sexually vulgar suggestion as to what the photographer should do.

Hill took immediate action to make up for his use of the word. The actor appeared on Howard Stern on the morning of June 3, to issue an apology for his choice of wording. He stated, although the term was used due to the heat of the moment, there was no excusing his actions. Stern offered the actor a potential chance to deny his use of the slur, stating that it was unclear what Hill actually said in the video. However, Hill did not seek this opportunity to escape public scrutiny; instead, he outwardly confirmed that the word in question was indeed what he called the photographer, and stated that he deserved to take full responsibility for the matter. The actor referred to his words as disgusting and seemed to display deep remorse for uttering them. He then played what has become known as the “gay friend card.” This card is used when someone who is accused of being homophobic tries to give evidence to the contrary by claiming they have a friend who is of gay orientation.  Hill used the card claiming he had plans to spend the rest of the day with a gay friend who was soon to be married.

The incident has taken many by surprise, as the Wolf of Wall Street actor has made a name for himself over the years in terms of being a strong supporter of gay rights. He has publicly scrutinized Russia’s anti-gay laws, particularly just before the Winter Olympics. He took to Twitter to express his discontent by way of a shirt that read “Love Conquers Hate” with the phrase written in Russian. The tweet was followed up with a link that provided supporters of gay rights the means to create their own such avocation. He gave an interview following the Governors Awards to explain his support, giving the reasoning, “Asking why gay people should have rights is equivalent to asking why people should be allowed to breathe.”

Representatives for Hill have yet to comment. The actor’s upcoming film, 22 Jump Street starring original co-star Channing Tatum, is set to hit theaters on June 13. The actor has several upcoming projects in the works. These include True Story, an FBI drama that has yet to mark a release date, Sausage Party, an animated film about a sausage’s quest to find out the truth about his own existence, hitting theaters on June 3, 2016 and Good Time Gang,  two mercenaries take on a case that ends up being a little too close to home. The latter, whose release date is also unknown, is said to also star MTV Generation Award winner Mark Wahlberg.

Jonah Hill has issued an apology for the homophobic slur he issued over the weekend. However, it is unclear as of yet whether or not this apology will be accepted by the LGBT community.

Opinion by Rebecca Grace


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