Beagles Rescued From Animal Abuse See Sun and Grass for First Time [Video]

Animal Abuse

We all see and hear about the horror stories of animal abuse, but what about the people who rescue these dogs before it is too late? These nine beagles were rescued from a lab in Nevada, and what this video shows is these precious animals seeing sun and grass for the first time in their lives. The dogs were kept and raised in cages and have never known love, affection, or a kind word or touch. Their story is heart warming and the people that selflessly give their time to help animals in need, should be in the news just as much as those that torment them. Unfortunately that is not always the truth, the monsters that keep animals captive and abuse or torture them are almost always in the news, those that deal with the animals after the abuse are not. This is a case of animals being used for testing, which is legal as long as the labs abide by the guidelines set forth to protect them from abuse and harm. Is it not animal abuse to keep animals in cages for years? With never a kind word or touch? This could be one of the worst forms of abuse, and judging by the dogs reaction to freedom makes these animal advocates even more determined to change the world, and the laws that govern animal rights.

This particular rescue was performed by the Beagle Freedom Project, and their mission is to save animals from research laboratories and save the dogs and cats that are used for experimentation, and that many consider animal abuse. Many of us falsely believe that animals no longer are used for testing when in fact they are. This wonderful group of people believe that animals deserve a chance at freedom, and a loving home. To date over 70 thousand people have donated their time and/or money to help in this effort. They are working to instate laws that will protect these animals so that they may have a life after their use in laboratories is done. Minnesota has made history and recently passed this law, and New York is aggressively pursuing putting this important piece of legislation into place also. Information can be found on this important bill through the Life After Labs web page. The proposal is called The Beagle Freedom Bill and it is nothing more than basic common sense, and one could wonder why this is only happening now and not years ago. Currently labs that use dogs and cats euthanize them when their usefulness is over, even when they are healthy and could find a forever home. There are many laws to regulate the treatment of these animals while being used for research, to ensure humane treatment, however, that stops once the testing stops. There is currently nothing to help these animals when there time in the lab is over, many wonder how anyone could work with a trusting dog or cat knowing their only life will be in a lab. The Beagle Freedom Project does not advocate animal testing and is in fact vehemently against it, but they believe this bill will help them save more animals than without it.

The video below is from the Beagle Freedom Project in Las Vegas Nevada this past May, when nine beagles got to see the sun and feel the grass for the first time in their lives. These are not puppies, these are full grown adult dogs, and the video is sure to melt even the hardest of hearts. This group is doing wonderful things to help prevent and stop animal abuse, and this shows the wonderful work they are doing.

By Kristi Cereska

Beagle Freedom Project
Fox 47 News

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