Kanye West Officially Wants Another Baby

Kanye West

It has been known for a while, but Kanye West officially wants another baby. His step-brother, Hal “Gore” Carmichael spilled the beans about the rappers family dreams, and having a little boy growing up to be just like him is part of those dreams.

This is something that West fans will not be surprised about hearing. In fact, part of the pre-nuptial agreement between him and his new wife, Kim Kardashian, was allegedly about children. He was willing to pay her to have at least one more baby, because she was considering North being an only child.

The problem for Kardashian was that her pregnancy with North was extremely difficult. She gained weight, she was in pain and she just did not enjoy it. It is a curse for many women. While some mothers look back with fond memories, some just remember the pain and discomfort during the nine months. This is even worse when the labor is long and painful, or there are complications. It is often enough to put off the idea of having more children, although plenty go through it a second time.

The 33-year-old reality TV show star has spoken out about considering having another baby, because she always did want a large family. That comes from being part of a large family growing up. It seems that Kardashian wants another girl for North to grow up with, similar to the way it was for her and her sisters.

However, while West officially wants another baby, he always wants a boy. Carmichael even suggested to Life & Style magazine that he will ask his wife to produce more children until he gets tat little boy. This is more than just having a son. He wants someone who will keep his name alive. His name is extremely important to him, which is why he wanted his wife to take it so much.

However, he does have to remember that his daughter does not need to take her husband’s name. She could help to keep West’s name alive by choosing to keep it and pass it onto her own children. This is something that some powerful women do because their name means more to the couple than the man’s. It is something the rapper could consider talking to North about if she does turn out to be an only child.

He has always been a man who puts family first, and wants to see more running around the dinner table. It has been clear with North that he loves having a daughter, and will do anything for her. When he is away, he will constantly phone to find out how she is doing, although he has not done any diaper changing.

This is something that the newly married couple will have to discuss. They need to come to an agreement on the number of children, and how long they will realistically keep trying for a boy. However, it is now official that West really does want another baby. The question now is just when will this happen?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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