Julius Malema Standing Tall With Mindset Firmly on Nationalization

Julius Malema

Julius Malema is standing tall, will not change his mindset for nationalization, and firmly wants to accomplish land expropriation. During a media briefing over the weekend, Malema said he will continue to apply the policies of taking back the land without compensation. Nationalization is a priority and Malema will use his parliamentary vote to amend the constitution when the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party starts this urgent matter.

Malema appointed his long time friend and associate Floyd Shivambu as the Chief Whip and having won 25 seats in the cabinet said his primary focus would be on the mining sector. Malema has intentions of tabling a motion in Parliament to find a solution to the platinum sector strike, running over four months. The strike is over a wage dispute, the miners are calling for a monthly salary of R12, 500, and the mining executives are not willing to meet this demand. Marikana has been the target of strikes that gave rise to the shootout between police and striking miners, killing 34 miners. A commission of enquiry is still being conducted to determine the role of police action.

Malema stated that the mining sector was well represented and the interests guarded by several cabinet ministers including Cyril Ramaphosa, the deputy president of South Africa. The urge to nationalize the mining industry is high on the agenda and Malema wants to implement this in order to protect the mineral resources. Mine workers must benefit from nationalization and the economy can be diversified through this action.

The ANC ruling party have hinted at nationalization and land redistribution in the past and not having two-thirds major voting power would not be able to amend the law in order to apply the new ruling. Malema said his party was ready to vote with the ANC in order to prioritize the amendments to nationalize the mines and redistribution of land.

Malema is hoping for the draft expropriation bill to be tabled in Parliament and stated his favorable approval to execute the land redistribution without compensation. The stolen land, according to Julius Malema must be redistributed to the people of South Africa.

Malema did not forget to mention President Jacob Zuma, and said he would vote with the Democratic Alliance (DA) party to remove him from office. Referring to the controversial Nkandla scandal, Malema said the ANC should respect the laws of the country and said the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party’s intention is to follow up on the Nkandla report. The EFF would not push the Nkandla debacle aside and wants this matter to be debated in Parliament.

The leader of the DA, Helen Zille, was branded a racist by Julius Malema. The radical Malema told the media briefing that voting Zille into power would lead the country back to the land of suffering and pain. Zilla is the number one racist in South Africa and the DA party represents backwardness and the oppression of black people, according to Malema. Not including black people in the mainstream economy is the masked plan of the DA organization and Malema told people not to vote for this party. The DA dismissed Malema’s statement and said their party was capable of providing an improved and dignified life for all in South Africa.

Julius Malema, as outspoken as ever, continues to amuse and annoy people with his radical remarks and promises. While many of his followers believe the land redistribution policy of the EFF is the perfect solution to solving a majority of their problems, others find this outrageous. Standing tall and firmly fixated on the nationalization of mines in South Africa, Julius Malema continues to remain the outspoken new political Member of Parliament.

By Laura Oneale

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  1. desert   June 4, 2014 at 8:01 pm

    He is one sick man. Seriously? Taking our land? I paid for my property myself. I did not inherit it. Who does he think he is to claim it? I would go to hell rather than give it to him.

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