Katy Perry’s Dad Would Like Her to Remarry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s dad has spoken out about wanting his daughter to remarry at some point in the future. The comment was not aimed at any man in her life in particular right now. He just wants to see his daughter happy.

Like many fathers, the singer’s father would like his daughter to be happily married. He likely wants grandchildren, and as a minister believes that children should be born in wedlock. Perry previously spoke out about her difficult relationship with her parents, who wanted her to follow their strict religious ways. However, her father says that their relationship is strong and happy.

While she may not have much luck with men, the Firework singer is not giving up on them. She divorced from Russell Brand in 2012, and broke up with John Mayer last year as they just seemed to drift apart. During her interview with Cosmopolitan, where she is July’s cover star, she was asked about her previous relationships, especially the one with Mayer. Many want to know if the two will get back together, but the Hot N Cold singer answered fairly cryptically saying that it could go both ways. She is expecting some songs from the breakup, which happened on good terms.

Like many women, she does not blame one single thing and accepts that it is the way of life. However, she has spoken about how she attracts men and blames the rose quartz (amethyst), and suggested that she should stop using the quartz so much. She is a very much “in the now” type of girl. She is not interested in dwelling on the past, or fantasizing about the future.

Perry has not spoken about the fact that her father would like her to marry again. It is likely something she already knew, even if it was just deep down. She knows that her father loves and cares for her, and would like to see her happy in love.

The good news for her minister father is that she is likely to have a child with a one-night-stand. His daughter is against that, and keeps sex for relationships. She wants the connection for sex to happen, and that only occurs in a relationship according to Perry. However, she also admitted that she is not single for long periods, and the longest she has gone without sex is a year at the most.

The E.T. singer likely finds relationships and breakups great for her own music career too. Many songs have been inspired by bad relationships, and she is talking about songs being inspired by her latest breakup. Mayer was previously asked about girlfriends who write songs about him, and whether it bothers him at all. He is not bothered, knowing that that is how great songs are made. However, he does not expect his girlfriends to share the fact that their songs are about him.

There are plenty more songs to come from the Firework singer, as she is showing no signs of giving up on love. That will definitely be good news to Perry’s father, who would like to see her remarry at some point in the future.

By Alexandria Ingham


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