Kelly Clarkson New Album Could Be Inspired by New Baby


Kelly Clarkson may of just had a baby, but that does not mean she is not determined to record her sixth album, which could be inspired by her first baby daughter by the end of the year. Kelly and her husband Brandon Blackstock announced on Twitter Saturday that they were excited to say their healthy child was born on Thursday and that they were on cloud nine from the amazing experience.

The Grammy winner tweeted back in February that she was writing for her upcoming album and planning to begin recording in the near future. She was aiming for a release by the end of 2014. The new baby, named River Rose is set to be the first of many according to Clarkson who told Us Weekly last year she wanted “lots” of babies. Kelly and her husband Brandon Blackstock got married last October on Blackberry Farms farm in Tennessee. The singer is already the stepmother of his two children from his previous marriage, Seth age seven and Savannah age eleven. She also said that her record label was freaking out because Kelly was only talking about babies and not her music.

Fans hoping for another typical country album will be a little surprised when they first hear the music because it is apparently both cool as well as left of center, which might mean that it is not her usual country routine. Clarkson is to work with producer Jesse Shatkin for the album, who says there is a song on the album that is an “electric banger.” The producer has worked with other musical entertainers such as Lily Allen, P!nk, Ke$ha, Marina And The Diamond, Kylie Minogue, and of course Kelly herself. The “electric banger” has a melody that was described as haunting and that Shatkin believed Clarkson was “attracted to.” He also added that the now 31-year-old Kelly is “really open-minded” in terms of experimenting with new sounds.

Other singer’s albums have been inspired by their babies including most recently Jay-Z and Beyoncé, so it would be no surprise if a few of Clarkson’s new songs had lyrics about her journey through pregnancy and early motherhood. Baby Blue Ivy contributed vocals to Beyoncé’s self-titled album released last year and certainly appeared in spirit on Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail. Most recently for Blue’s second birthday, Beyoncé dedicated a song to the little one. Now that these two have set a precedent for this kind of behavior it would almost be expected for other celebrities including Clarkson to follow suit in commemorating their children.

Fans of Kelly’s Christmas release Wrapped in Red and her 2011 album Stronger will be glad to know that Shatkin was involved in both of those projects, so he is knowledgeable in all aspects of the Tie It Up chart topper. While an “electronic banger” does not sound like a characteristic country song, as long as Kelly continues to have her usual powerhouse vocals that have helped her to win American Idol and launch a career then there is nothing to worry about for fans. The songstress has long been successful in effortlessly applying her voice to pop and country songs so it will be no surprise for her to begin dominating another musical genre. Kelly Clarkson’s next album will be highly anticipated whether it is indeed inspired by her new baby River Rose.

Opinion By B. Taylor Rash

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2 Responses to "Kelly Clarkson New Album Could Be Inspired by New Baby"

  1. Nate   July 8, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    Umm – “typical country album” ? What the… Her albums are typically POP. She released a country song last year that was atypical for her normal material.. Sheesh, at least know what the hell you’re taking about..

  2. Roger G   June 16, 2014 at 6:26 am

    Her albums aren’t “typically country”. Who writes this stuff?

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