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Although the Lady Gaga video for Do What You Want, featuring R. Kelly, has not made it to the light of day, the general public gets a little glimpse at what the concept could have been. Leaked footage of the scrapped video of the hit single has gone viral and features a scene that condones rape. Directed by photographer Terry Richardson, who has been accused of coercing models into sexual activity, features R. Kelly as a predatory doctor and Gaga as his reluctant patient.

The track Do What You Want quickly made it onto radios and fans’ playlists in 2013. The ARTPOP single was a mix of electro and R&B that quickly became an instant hit. As the single climbed the charts, it was only a matter of time before a visual was made to bring the infectious song to light. It was rumored that the single was becoming Lady Gaga’s next video. As time progressed, the single was gaining notoriety but the public was still waiting to see the video. A snippet, featuring Lady Gaga and R. Kelly, leaked but still no full length. Fans began to grow impatient, until Lady Gaga took to her Twitter account to announce that creative difference were the reason for the videos’ delay. The proverbial writing was on the wall when Gaga released a full length visual for both Venus and G.U.Y.

Thanks to TMZ, fans get a glimpse of the failed Lady Gaga video by some leaked footage. Although after watching the clip, many will understand why the video did not make it through for nationwide viewing. In the snippet, R. Kelly plays a doctor-administering anesthesia and tells Gaga that he is putting her under. R. Kelly continues to her that when she wakes up she will be pregnant. Continuing the moments of creepiness, the singer is seen reaching under Gaga’s sheets to make her moan. In another leaked clip, Gaga asks doctor Kelly if she will be able to walk again and Kelly responds by stating that she will if she lets him do whatever he wants to her body. Considering that the R&B singer has a history of alleged statutory rape cases, it is a cringe worthy moment in his musical career.

Director Terry Richardson is no stranger to alleged accusations of rape. The acclaimed director and photographer has recently been the victim of a string of sexual misconduct from the people he has worked with and the models he has photographed. The claims go as fair as to say that he coerced models to have sex with him during photo shoots. Although Richardson denies the allegations and claims that the accusers were people collaborating on exploring sexual activity and taking pictures.

R. Kelly also came under fire for his infamous leaked sex tape and allegations of having sexual relations with minors. Although the cases were settled out of court and R. Kelly was later tried and acquitted of charges in 2008. The concept of the video is still a negative connotation associated with the artists’ career. The leaked snippet of Lady Gaga and R. Kelly playing doctor and patient will be all that the general public gets a chance to see.

By Tyler Cole

Belfast Telegraph
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