Mila Kunis Wishes for a Well Behaved Child

Mila KunisReports have been flooding in around Hollywood actress, Mila Kunis, and her first pregnancy with fiancé, Ashton Kutcher. The Black Swan co-star cannot seem to get it out of her system fast enough that she is absolutely enjoying being pregnant. In other reports, she is said to comment on loving the new shape and size of her breasts, saying that she has gone from a 34A to a 36C and could not be happier. In one report, Kunis even pulled down her top some, inviting people to touch them. Now, as she draws closer and closer to delivering, Kunis is already wishing for a well-behaved child.

“I do not want my children to be jerks” says the former That 70’s Show actor. She continues on to say that she wishes for her kids to be truthful and kind. Kunis wishes to have her children be the type that people interact with, saying just how good they really are. By her power, as well as Kutcher’s, Kunis is going to make sure that her soon-to-be daughter will grow up in a humble manner. In addition, she states that she is going to see that her daughter does not get into the attitude as on being entitled to things. Kunis feels that too many children now a days are too arrogant for their own good. In other reports, she says that she is wishing for a well-behaved child and not someone who people will think of as an “a******”.

Kunis was born as Milena ‘Mila’ Markovna Kunis on August 14, 1983. Most people may first recognize her from her show days on That 70’s Show. During this time, she met her soon to be husband Ashton Kutcher, growing to become his friend over the years until that changed. However, she first began her acting career in the 1995 movie Make a Wish where she played a character called Melinda. Since then she has been portrayed in many other movies such as Ted and Black Swan with Natalie Portman. She had also been nominated for a Golden Gold Award. In addition, Kunis has won more than 8 awards and has had about 36 nominations at award shows.

Being the, as Channing Tatum has deemed her, ‘free spirit’ that she is, Kunis is seen to be overjoyed at being pregnant with Kutcher. In one report, Kunis states that meeting Kutcher was one of the best things in her life. The other best thing was when he proposed to her. “I was a mess of tears” Kunis says in one interview. In wishing that her child is well-behaved, Mila Kunis also wants her child to be respectful. It seems as though she is planning out her dream child much like many women plan out their dream home and wedding. When the baby is on its way to being delivered, the Hollywood star is only going to allow two people in the room with her.

Kunis seems to be living the life she wants. Soon to be married to her fiancé and soon to have a new baby girl, all she is wishing for now is to have a well-behaved child. As seen by the actress already, when she wants or desires something, she goes for the opportunity.

By Isis E. Stevens

Indian Epxress

ABC News

Marie Claire

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