Miranda Lambert Sheds 45 Pounds in a Surprisingly Easy Way

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert has recently shed 45 pounds in a surprisingly easy way. The best thing about the country singer’s success is that it is realistic for anybody to follow. Even alcohol was allowed on her diet plan.

The country singer explained that her best idea was to create her own cocktails. She still allowed herself some alcohol, but decided to cut out the sugar. Instead of her normal Margharittas, she decided to mix some white rum with Sprite Zero and Crystal Light in a raspberry lemonade flavor. It just goes to show that weight loss is possible while clearly having a life. However, just because alcohol was allowed did not mean Lambert could go overboard.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for dieters, and that was the same for Mrs. Blake Shelton. The country singer switched her breakfast though from the greasy bacon and egg muffins to a green juice that was full of fiber. It may not look great, but it was full of nutrients that the body would need and really helped the star remain fuller for longer. For those who are not interesting in high-fiber smoothines, having a high-fiber breakfast like porridge or fruit and yogurt is often a great alternative to greasy dishes.

The juice was perfect for the singer, who admitted to not liking vegetables without some type of dressing. Having the juice meant she easily got her nutrients without thinking about the foods she was eating.

The way that Lambert shed the 45 pounds was surprisingly easy, but also surprisingly realistic compared to many other celebrity diets. There was no starving herself to drop the dress sizes. This was something she wanted to do naturally and healthily, and it makes her an excellent role model for others who are struggling with their weight gain.

Exercise played an important part in the weight loss journey. If she did not feel like doing something, she would trick her body into it. Horseback riding was one option, which is great for strengthening the core and legs, while walking was another option to get some cardio training in. She also hired a personal trainer to help motivate her to get back in shape.

Finding the motivation is often difficult for anyone on a weight loss journey. Lambert was no different, but she used some unflattering tabloid photos to spur her along. At the Country Music Awards in November she was also commended on her 25-pound weight loss at the time. She mentioned how it was great to be noticed for the change for the good, and it spurred her to keep on going.

She was originally a victim of following a crash diet. She started on Nutrisystem, but found it boring. In the end dieting and exercise was the way to go for her, and it was a surprisingly easy way to make it part of her everyday life. It is a plan that everyone can follow, and is sustainable in the long term. Lambert shed 45 pounds in a surprisingly easy way, and has become a role model for many others.

By Alexandria Ingham


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  1. Kim Downes   June 24, 2014 at 4:12 pm

    She (Miranda Lambert) looks absolutely gorgeous! She just seems to get everything right. She’s a beautiful woman, has a great man, and an awesome career. OK now here comes the question, when are you and Blake going to have Lil Blakes and lil Miranda’s running around? I know I’m ready to see them, what about their fans and families?


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