Mississippi Girl Asked to Leave KFC a Hoax?

Mississippi Girl Asked to Leave KFC A Hoax?

It appears that the report of a Jackson, Mississippi KFC which had been accused of asking a 3-year-old girl to leave the restaurant because of her facial scars is a possible hoax. The story of Victoria Wilcher, who had been scarred by a horrific dog attack, was possibly made up. At least that is what the Laurel Leader-Call, which is a newspaper in Mississippi, is calling it. They are stating it is nothing but a fundraising hoax.

There have been numerous anonymous sources speak to the paper’s Sean Murphy about the story that Victoria’s grandmother, Kelly Mullins told to other media outlets and they are saying it does not match the facts. However this has come out only after the family received over $135,000 in cash, along with all kinds of gifts and even offers of free surgeries, states sources that have deep knowledge of the investigation. The sources all spoke only on the condition of they stayed anonymous because they had no permission to talk on the record about the incident.

Mullins was reportedly with Victoria at KFC when the allegedly event occurred on May 15. A Facebook page was made in support of the child and called Victoria’s Victories. It told about how she had been attacked by three of her grandfather’s pit bulls and discussed how she and Mullins had been in Jackson on May 15 saying they had went to Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital. There are two KFC locations nearby the hospital, one on Woodrow Wilson Drive and the other located on Meadowbrook Drive.

The sources said that numerous surveillance videos filmed restaurant goers and at no time on May 15 were there any toddlers in KFC who match what Victoria Wilcher looks like. Video was viewed from both the Woodrow Wilson and Meadowbrook locations. In many hours of tape, the sources explained one small boy was with people who were believed to be his parents, but they ordered their food and then left.

These same sources also claimed said that there were no orders recorded which include both sweet tea and mashed potatoes on the same ticket or the two items together on a bigger order on May 15. Mullins stated not long after the event had gone viral on social media about June 12 that she ordered mashed potatoes and sweet tea. She explained that she had sat down with Victoria and began to feed the child when one of the KFC employees came over to their table and told them they were going to have to leave because Victoria’s face was disturbing other customers.

The family first stated that the incident had happened at a KFC location on State Street, which was backed by a claim through a Facebook post on Victoria’s Victories. The page is taken care of by a woman named Teri Rials Bates who is an aunt of Victoria. She had posted, “Thank you for your support for Victoria. If you would like to file a complaint it’s the KFC on State Street in Jackson Mississippi.” However it turned out that particular KFC had not been in working order for a number of years.

Victoria’s Victories for some reason changed its story last Friday, by declaring the State Street reference had been a mistake. In it, Bates wrote that she was the aunt and she ran the page. She said she was the one that had misquoted about it being the State Street KFC when it was really the Woodrow Wilson one. She then informed everyone not to blame “the grandmother for my mistake!” However the sources retorted to that, saying it was not a mistake at all because the hoax never happened.

The reader of this article is welcome to visit Victoria’s Facebook page and read the comments and decide for himself or herself what he or she believes. The link to the Facebook is listed below.

On Friday of last week, KFC itself stated that it had been unable to verify that the incident occurred and had hired a third-party specialist to come in and take a look at all of the accusations. The fast-food restaurant had already dedicated $30,000 to help pay Wilcher’s medical bills. One of their spokespeople explained that they would pay regardless of what the investigation into the event discovered even if the story turned out to be an actual hoax. The Guardian Liberty Voice will be on top of things as this news story continues to develop either way.


NOTE: If readers are interested, the story leading up to this one is also up at the Guardian Liberty Voice. It explains in more detail what happened from Kelly Mullin’s side of the story. The link to that article is below .

By Kimberly Ruble


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  1. Key   June 24, 2014 at 5:21 am

    Haha people are so quick to judge sometimes . I just call and watched it all unfold not surprised!

    • Nunya Bizniz   June 24, 2014 at 6:11 am

      So the tapes are “lost”? Ask Lois Lerner if she’s seen them…Seriously, sounds like a buyout from the publicity dept. of KFC to put a cork on corporate losses. Here’s 30k to keep your mouth shut and let us spin this as a “Hoax!


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