Mississippi Toddler Thrown out of KFC Due to Scars Suffered in Pit Bull Attack Scaring Other Customers [UPDATE]

Mississippi Toddler Thrown out of KFC Due to Scars Suffered in Pit Bull Attack Scaring Other Customers


Before the reader proceeds with the below story, please take note that there is new news to this article. Apparently anonymous sources have spoken up and allegedly stated that the entire story is a hoax. It appears that the reports made of the Jackson, Mississippi KFC which had been allegedly accused of asking Victoria to leave the restaurant because of her facial scars, has been possibly made up.

This has come out only after the family received over $135,000 in cash, along with all kinds of gifts and even offers of free surgeries. As was stated in the above paragraph, this information has come from sources who stated they have to remain anonymous because they have no permission to speak on the record about the incident.

A second story has been published here at the Guardian Liberty Voice, and it goes into more detail about the story behind the hoax and how Victoria’s own family firmly denies it. They speak about it on her Facebook page. The second story and the Facebook page both have links at the bottom of the below article.


A Mississippi toddler was allegedly thrown out of a Jackson KFC because she and her grandmother were informed that the scars she had from a pit bull attack were scaring other customers inside the restaurant, the 3- year-old little girl’s grandmother declared to the media.

Kelly Mullins stated that she and her granddaughter, Victoria Wilcher went to the Jackson KFC after the child had a doctor’s appointment one day last week. Mullins explained that the child was using a feeding tube, but she thought Victoria could swallow (the potatoes). As the two were drinking sweet tea and eating the mashed potatoes, one of the employees reportedly came to their table and supposedly proceeded to say that they were going to have to ask them to leave, because the child’s face was disrupting other customers. Mullins then exclaimed that she wanted to hit the woman.

Back in April of this year, Victoria was attacked by three pit bulls that belonged to her grandfather. He owned around 10 of the dogs at the time. The mauling left the young child covered in scars and also paralyzed on the right side of her small face. After Victoria and Kelly left KFC, the toddler was reported to have cried all the way to her home from the fast food place. Mullins declared that Victoria was embarrassed about what she looked like. Kelly said that little Victoria has a lot of surgeries coming up and she would not even look in the mirror anymore. She also explained that the child did not even want to get out of the family car whenever they went to a store. Kelly said that she herself hated the fact of Victoria being embarrassed about her looks because the young child had absolutely no reason to be. The pit bull attack was not her fault.

Anger and outrage came fast and hard because of what KFC allegedly had done. After social media users heard about what had supposedly happened, they quickly threw media flames at the chicken restaurant and called for boycotts. Once this began to occur, an apology from KFC itself came  quickly as well. The restaurant’s headquarters stated it would donate $30,000 to help pay with Victoria’s rising medical bills. KFC company spokesperson Rick Maynard said that the entire KFC family was behind the toddler. KFC also reportedly said that as soon as they were notified of this report on Friday, they immediately began an investigation; as such a disrespectful and hurtful action would not be accepted by KFC. The company added that regardless of the conclusion of their findings, they have apologized to Victoria’s family and are committed to assisting them.

The young girl’s family described the allegedly terrible happenings in a Facebook page that was set up to help raise money for all the medical expenses she is facing. A link to it is at the bottom of this article for the readers to click on and be able to help donate.

Authorities explained that Victoria was mauled in April while she had gone to visit her grandfather, from whom Kelly Mullins had divorced from. One pit bull tore through the front door and then two other canines pulled the child into the backyard. The dogs began to bite the small child all over but mainly on her face. She now has severe facial scars and lost the vision in her right eye. She also is mostly paralyzed on the right side of her face. She wears a small eye patch that has a cartoon character on it. The three pit bulls were killed and Victoria’s grandfather, Donald Mullins, along with his girlfriend, were both arrested on charges of child endangerment.

In the meantime, the child’s Facebook page has been getting a lot attention. Right before publication of this article, it had almost 120,700 “likes” on Monday evening.

Little Victoria was allegedly thrown out of a Jackson, Mississippi KFC because she and her grandmother were supposedly informed that the scars she had on her little face, from a pit bull attack, were scaring other customers inside the restaurant.

By Kimberly Ruble


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