Murder Victim Salgar Gets No Justice

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Nothing short of a horrific crime happened this week and for now it seems there may be no resolution. A Miami resident, just 29 years old, was shot and killed in his home just after 3:00 pm on Monday, June 23. According to reports, it is believed that Louis Salgar may have attempted to thwart a home invasion when things turned violent. To compound the disturbing story, the two alleged culprits, who are believed to have made off with Salgar’s car after the murder, may have successfully fled the island of Palm Beach, where they were last suspected of hiding out. This has led local authorities to call off a manhunt for the perpetrators. It is now unclear whether the case of murder victim Louis Salgar will ever be solved, as those close to him get used to the idea that no justice may be had.

Salgar had not even made it to 30 years old, yet he left evidence of a full life rich with interests, talent and friends. He had made a name for himself in the Miami bar scene with both an engaging personality and a skill for creating superb cocktails. When being described by a former employer, the words “passionate” and “funny” were used to illustrate a likable human being. He worked at the popular locales Gramps and The Social Club at Surfcomber and had been working at the Broken Shaker up until his fate took a turn for the worse. Salgar was also a musician and member of the Miami punk rock outfit, Secret Arms. The group recently issued a statement saying that they will no longer continue on as a band without Salgar, who was “integral” to their lives.

While the details of Salgar’s death are a bit unclear, he was apparently shot to death sometime before 3:15 pm on Monday at his home on Northeast Eighth Court. Salgar’s father believes he may have attempted to use his skill in martial arts to fend off the intruders. Early Tuesday morning, authorities were alerted to a Honda Accord that had crashed near the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. It was later confirmed that the vehicle was the same that had been stolen from Salgar’s home. Palm Beach police alerted locals that they were conducting a manhunt for two unidentified men in connection with a Miami shooting. The murder suspects were described as armed and dangerous. Also, authorities were able to deduce that one of the men was injured and bleeding, most likely from the crash. Ultimately, no solid trace of the two thought to have allegedly murdered Salgar were discovered, and the hope for justice grew dim.

By Wednesday, the search for Salgar’s alleged attackers had authorities scratching their heads. A dragnet which had combed through the estates of Palm Beach’s rich and famous turned up no suspects or leads. Some additional press was made as the homes of Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern were looked at as places of interest. Ultimately, the manhunt was called off by Palm Beach Police after concluding that the two men involved in the car crash had fled the island. As time goes on, friends of murder victim Salgar may see no justice for their dearly departed. However, former employer and buddy of Salgar, Adam Gersten, explained that the experience of such a loss clouds any interest over any other details surrounding the case.

By Josh Taub


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