Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’ Gets TV Series

American Gods

After a long and unsuccessfully battle with HBO, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is being made into a TV series through Freemantle Media. After sitting on the table for years at HBO, fans are excited to see the rumors become a reality. The best selling fantasy book propelled the English author to fame in 2001, and now 13 years later American Gods is getting a show space where the old and new gods can battle it out live action.

American Gods was published in 2001, and it won a Hugo Award for Best Novel. In 2011 HBO expressed interest in adapting the book into a TV series. Three different pilots were written before it was passed to Cinemax, HBO’s sister company. After being tossed around to few different studios, the project was dropped entirely. Gaiman was disappointed that he could no longer work with Tom Hank’s production company, Playtone, because the company is HBO exclusive. Luckily one of Playtone’s brightest stars, Stefanie Berk, has recently moved to Freemantle, where she continues to work with Neil Gaiman’s American Gods future TV series. There are rumors that the success of HBO’s Game of Thrones series is what pushed American Gods off the register, rising to success in 2011 and keeping the network busy with gods of their own. Fans are disappointing that the network will no longer be supporting the project, but are relieved that it has not been swept under the rug entirely.

American Gods follows a young man named Shadow, who was recently released from a long prison sentence for a crime he did not commit. A day before his released he was informed that his wife, Laura, had passed away in a car accident. Upon seeing her body at her funeral, he learns that she died while cheating on him with his best friend. However, on his trip back to his hometown he met a strange man who knew entirely too much about him. The man called himself Mr. Wednesday, and after a long debate Shadow ends up in his employment. Shadow soon discovers that Mr. Wednesday and his associates are gods, all brought to America through immigration to the new world. New gods are on the rise in America due to TV, technology, and other new mediums gaining influence. The old gods and the new gods go to war, for what they believe is fight for their survival. In the end it, the war turns out to be a clever plot by Mr. Wednesday to regain his power as the all father, and it is up to Shadow to stop the fighting before more gods lose their lives.

The thriller/fantasy book incorporates mythology, religious characters, and urban legends into an intricate plot line. Gaiman includes gods from several different countries, across several different eras. The book received one spin off featuring the son’s of a minor character in American Gods. There is no word yet on who will be writing, directing and starring the series, but fans are still excited to see Neil Gaiman’s American Gods finally adapting into a TV series they were expecting.

By Morgan Louchen

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