Weight Loss Is a Choice

Weight Loss Is a Choice

Barring extreme medical conditions and certain medicines that interfere with weight loss, getting fit and staying healthy is a choice we all can make. Living a healthy lifestyle is not a task out of the range of possibility when one has the desire to make it work. It takes discipline and daily choices, but is something that can be achieved with the proper balance of knowledge and willpower. Healthy weight loss is a choice available to all.

Peer pressure, even as adults, can contribute to extra weight gain. Special events, holidays and pot-luck dinners all contribute to  the mix of fancy festive food and calorie laden treats. Keeping up with the latest gooey dessert recipe to impress friends not only earns kudos and congratulations from the crowd but also unwanted build-up of plaque in the arteries and fat deposits. A creative display of food may just be the route that is hindering to long-term health.

Even a diet conscious mother that counts calories all day long can find herself nibbling on her toddler’s left-over fries and chicken nuggets late at night. If not sitting down to eat, a few bites here and there can add up quickly and become a startling surprise on the scales.

Over-eating in most cases is many times blamed on a habit. Lack of time often deems a quick lunch at the drive-thru or a vending machine preserved sandwich and chips. Routine and circumstances are often dictating the types of meals many consume. Busy schedules play into the lack of exercise and sleep patterns that are needed for continued good health. Easier said than done is a common mantra many recite as they complain about fatigue and a growing belly.

Long winters with bad weather, depression and lazy habits of relaxing with the TV and snacks can result in extra weight gain, causing the ongoing saga to continue for months and years. High hopes of losing weight before a wedding, reunion or swimming season plays into the big business of weight loss remedies that can include diet pills and shakes, gym memberships and extreme surgery for some. Exploring natural remedies and eating lower calorie food provides a healthy weight loss program and is the safest way to go.

Being in tune with your body and understanding how it works is the best remedy for lasting health. Most people are fully aware of what is good for their body and what they should eat for energizing fuel. The temptations of commercials and rebelling laughter when it comes to health choices is an easy way out, as the next size in clothing is always available. As people age, their metabolism slows down, which makes it important to eat regular meals throughout the day.

If weight loss is a concern and a goal, it needs to be taken seriously. Avoiding junk food, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and exercise are the basics to a healthy regulation of weight loss. Natural remedies abound with a little research and lots of dedication.

It all comes down to choosing our own lifestyle, what we choose to put into our bodies and what we choose to get from our lives. Contrary to popular belief, it is easier said than done when we decide for ourselves and not react to society, tempting advertisements, bad habits and peer pressure. Water, sleep, exercise, lean meats, fruits and veggies are still the best keys to success for a healthy weight loss plan. Weight loss is a choice we can make if we so desire.

Opinion By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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