Obama Continues to Pump It Up Despite Breach of Security [Video]

Obama Continues to Pump It Up Despite Breach of Security

President Barack Obama continues to pump it up, where ever he goes. Pumping up hope and change or simply pumping iron for his own benefit, the President is fit to make a difference. After his wife, first lady Michelle Obama first enacted the Let’s Move campaign against childhood obesity, the whole family and the ones protecting their safety, have embarked in an overall healthy lifestyle. Living at the White House has its benefits and personal attributes which allow the first family to keep fit and active when finished with  their daily duties.

A built-in gym with a plush work-out site, complete with all the machines and weights needed for a fit body is at the Obama’s disposal. Reportedly rising early for a 4:30 a.m.-out, Michelle has been dedicated to her daily routine. The family is active and on the go with many engagements and required appearances, but always seems to find time for family dinners and exercise.

Even when traveling abroad, exercise is included. Whether it be a swim in the ocean of the shores of Hawaii or a round of golf, the Obama family is probably the most fit of all presidential families. Despite their extravagant vacations and sometimes questionable acts of power, they are still setting a unique example of health and well being.

As a possible breach of security, President Obama was recently filmed at a Poland gym. A participant in the same room captured footage of Obama working out during his morning routine. Besides making it evident that the United States President does in fact work out, a breach of security could be in question. A regular person was quite easily able to document this footage of Obama working out, making it also possible to gain access to someone who should have been protected in public. As he continued to pump iron for energy and fitness, his security as the leader of the free world could have been in jeopardy. Still, the encouraging strides the President is making for his health is always a good thing to witness.

Appearing to start with a tired yawn, Obama sorts and ponders the weights, uses the stair-stepper and continues a full 45 minute work-out, unaware of any non-invited on-lookers.

Obama Continues to Pump it Up Despite Breach of SecurityWhile traveling the country, especially during election time, Obama frequented many fast food places and private diners to meet and greet with regular citizens. He was not shy to order a cheeseburger and fries at almost every stop. Visiting colleges and bars, he would often enjoy a beer or two and toast to the community and prosperity of the nation. Obama is a celebrant of good times as he recognizes the issues and problems of the country. A closet smoker who is rarely caught on camera with a cigarette, Obama is said to support the legalization of marijuana, as well.

Following along with his wife Michelle and voicing strong opinions and recommendations towards good health, working out is a regular task on Obama’s agenda. Michelle has made great strides in reducing the effects of childhood obesity and has become a spokesperson for Subway and has encouraged lower calorie school lunches. All in all the Obama’s strive for good health, promoting exercise and good eating.

The White House boasts a garden of vegetables and have hosted planting events which include local schools and the Food Corps. Teaching and setting an example by eating right and exercising has been a key element in the first family’s reign. Working out with headphones and their favorite music is a daily routine for the Obama family and continues as they pump it up with enthusiasm and programs aimed to make the United States a healthy nation.

The Let’s Move campaign has been active and in full force for several years and flows into the Obama’s personal lives. Starting from scratch in a way, the movement has been successful and has reached across the country. Criticism and other policies aside, the Obama family has continued to stand for good health and activity during their time in office. If nothing else, our commander in chief is looking fit for a 52 year old and has a healthy lifestyle to be admired.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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