Packers Pride: Jordy Nelson Could Be Free Agent

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It is not clear why the Green Bay Packers have not yet signed a deal with Jordy Nelson. Nelson is in the last year of his contract. If the Packers do not come with an extension for Nelson, he could become a free agent next year.

Jordy Nelson has proven his worth to the team, moving from the number four receiver to the number one receiver. It can be debated as to how that occurred but the fact is that he has proven to be valuable. After losing Greg Jennings to the Minnesota Vikings and James Jones to the Oakland Raiders, Nelson moved up in the receiving core. The moves in no way reflect the work that Jordy Nelson has put in for the Packers.

Nelson is coming off of a career high in receptions and yards in the 2013 season. He had 85 receptions resulting in 1,314 yards. This adds up to a great year for the receiver or any receiver for that matter. The Green Bay Packers would be foolish to let Jordy Nelson go at this point. He can establish some leadership in the locker room and on the field for the Packers with the new core of receivers they have recently drafted.

The Green Bay Packers have not yet reached out to Jordy Nelson to extend his contract, leaving the fans to wonder if he could become a free agent. Due to the loss of Jennings and Jones, Nelson has become the leader of the receiving core. It has been noted that he takes his position serious and will put his all into working with the team.

There is a lot to be said about the way Jordy Nelson plays. He is tough and it shows in his play. Nelson is not afraid to cover the middle of the field running slants. For a player, they know they will be getting hit, some stand out and some falter in this area. For Nelson, he shines. Most of his yards have come from running slants deep in the trenches of the defense. He takes his hits and gets up ready for more.

Jordy Nelson has made it clear that the contract negotiations will not be a distraction for him on or off the field. He believes in what the Green Bay Packers are doing as a team and seems to support the decision they are making. Davante Adams, a second round draft pick for the Packers has praised this loyalty Nelson displays. Adams stated that Nelson has helped on the field, in the film room and with any routes or adjustments needed to help him become a better player.

The point is that Jordy Nelson is an asset to the team. He is a natural leader in the Packers locker room and on the field. He has put in the work and proven to excel in his position. The only remaining question is whether the Packers will reward Nelson or not. Letting Jordy Nelson become a free agent could be costly to the Packers in more ways than one, most importantly losing the toughness he brings to the receiving core and the leadership. For all fans alike, the hope is that the Green Bay Packers will extend Nelson’s contract soon so the team can move forward without any distraction.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend