PlayStation Plus Free Games in July

playstationUsers with a PlayStation Plus membership can look forward to some more free games in July. July will be the first month that Sony switches to releasing their games for free at the start of the month. On Tuesday, July 1st, gamers will receive a total of six games across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita game consoles. All games will be released at the beginning of the month and will remain free until the month ends.

On July 1st, PlayStation 4 users can look forward to Towerfall Ascension. Originally released in March, this combat arena game features archery as its main weapon. Up to four players use a limited amount of arrows to battle it out within medieval maps. Players collect arrows already shot and can also catch other players’ arrows. Additional power-ups include shields, wings, and arrows which contain additional power. A single-player mode has the player going through time trials and hitting targets. Towerfall Ascension is usually priced at $14.99.

PlayStation 4 users can also look forward to Strider. Originally released in February, Strider is a reboot of a classic last seen in the arcades and the PSOne. Improved graphics and game mechanics help update this action side-scrolling adventure for gamers of today. Though, Strider Hiryu has been seen in the latest Capcom fighting games, he returns to his roots with his Cypher plasma weapon that can be updated with new powers to take on the wave of foes found in each level. Strider is usually priced at $14.99.

While PlayStation Plus members will get some great arcade style free games on the PlayStation 4, PS3 owners can look forward to getting a premier action-horror game and a physics-based puzzle game this July. The lineup for the PS Vita also looks great as an action-RPG that has been overlooked will gain some much-needed players and an experimental game based on personality tests will surely gain an audience now that the game will be available for free.

PlayStation 3 users can look forward to Dead Space 3. Originally released in February of 2013, this is the third game in the acclaimed action-horror franchise. Players take control of Isaac Clark through the frozen planet of Tau Volantis as he and fellow protagonist John Carver attempt to stop the Necromorph outbreak. The new addition to this game is the ability to form new weapons from parts found around the planet. Players can choose to create their own weapons or can also use blueprints to form weapons from the first two games. This game also features co-op with the second player taking control of John Carver. Dead Space 3 is usually priced at $19.99.

PlayStation 3 users can also look forward to Vessel. Originally released in March, this is a physics-based puzzle game set in a steampunk world. Players control M. Arkwright as he uses different types of liquid to form Fluro creatures. Those creatures can be made from different liquids such as ice or fire to solve different types of puzzles to continue on the adventure. Each level has multiple ways to solve the main puzzle and the player has the freedom to choose which way to go about completing each part. Vessel is usually priced at $9.99.

PS Vita users can look forward to Muramasa Rebirth. Originally released in June of 2013, this action-RPG uses 2D hand-drawn graphics to emphasize the inspiration from Japanese mythology. At the start of the game, players will be able to choose from two different characters that start in two different directions. Kisuke is a young ninja that suffers from amnesia while Momohime is a young princess of Narukami Han, Mino Province. Both characters start with three katana and can collect a total of 108. Two different gameplay modes are available for players that wish to focus on leveling up or for those that like to focus on skilled action. A third gameplay mode can be unlocked that features a much harder action gameplay type. Muramasa Rebirth is usually priced at $24.99.

PS Vita users can also look forward to Doki-Doki Universe. Originally released in December, this title can be seen as less of a game and more of a personality test. The game features a robot named QT3 that must travel around and help characters among different planets. Along the way, the game will keep track on how you control QT3 and the choices you help him make to please characters that have asked for help. Looking around the planet will unlock the 330 Summonables that QT3 will use to communicate and help the characters that he meets. As the worlds are explored, the game will give evaluation tests based on choices the player has made. The tests are easy, but the results are more of a look inside the personality of the player. Doki-Doki Universe is usually priced at $14.99.

A PlayStation Plus membership is required to download these games for free in July. Even though the game will be available all month-long, users are still able to add the game to their library by going to the online store and adding the game to their cart. Once the user checks out, the game will be added to their game library for free and can be downloaded later to their preferred Sony console.

By Raul Hernandez


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    I just preordered the white Destiny bundle. I have the normal black PS4 but I’m selling it now, before it loses any value, and I’m getting the white one instead. It looks SWEET! Amazon still has some here if you’re interested:

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