Rihanna Does It Again

Rihanna Everyone’s favorite bad girl wins again! Of course, Rihanna is always winning, but perhaps this time she took thinks a little too far. The vivacious soul took it to the next level as she appeared at the CDFA Awards in New York City on June 2. She elegantly wore a sheer nude dress that draped over her silhouette and was seamlessly detailed with crystals by Swarovski. The fashion icon wore a similar sheer headpiece to complement the dress along with an edgy, smoked-out eye.

Ri did not seem to mind that the audience was gazing at her lady lumps while she gave her speech for winning Fashion Icon of the Year. The singer explained that, in fashion, one has to take risks. She said for as long as she could remember, fashion has been in her defense. “Girls may could have beat me, but they sure could not beat my outfit.” Rihanna says this boldly, looking amazing in her racy Great Gatsby like get –up.

The fulltime singer part time supermodel has graced not one but three covers of Vogue Magazine this year alone! She has also been featured in two of Vogue Brasil’s issue for May 2014. Rihanna has bared it before and she does it again. Fans can not seem to get enough of her provocative yet sophisticated sense of style. Although the fabulous sensation no longer has an active Instagram account, photos of Rihanna in this hot ensemble flooded the timelines.

Huffingtonpost.com compares Rihnna’s look for the event as Old Hollywood meets Bad—. Some might even say that the star may have had this dressed designed in tribute to Josephine Baker, who’s birthday is June 3. Rih bared it all for her Lui cover spread and she does it again. The dress left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Rihanna made fans wait this year. After removing herself from popular social media site, Instagram, no one could have imagined what Rihanna was going to arrive wearing. Critics were surprised but not as much for Rih is known for doing her own thing. If Rihanna likes showing her nipples, she will do it again. She knows whatever she wears goes. No matter who has a problem with Rih and what she wears, she seems to be fueled by those who oppose.

Rihanna is definitely setting the standard for fashion. It is something new and well appreciated. Designers alike embellish their ambitions through the pop star and watch their visions come to life. Rihanna alone is a revolution. No matter what she does, it is something new and fun. The custom made dress made by Adam Selman got everyone’s attention, what other celebrity could have rocked it better? The singer may have taken a bit overboard in consideration of the conservative ones but Rih does not care about them. She is all about self -expression, that allows Rihanna to win every time, and she is always back to win again. Salute Rihanna in her Rebelution!

Opinion By Erica Sandifer



4 Responses to "Rihanna Does It Again"

  1. Kim Brummell   June 7, 2014 at 10:40 pm

    Check her out at http://www.YouTube. com/kbrummell

  2. dee   June 7, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    @Anne good point! and this is not the first time i noticed a writer making errors

  3. Mildred Pierce   June 7, 2014 at 6:01 pm

    Nice article. The irony is, despite nudity I found the outfit/accessories to be very old school glamor. She also managed to somehow look regal. I can’t explain it. I read an observation from someone at that awards show, saying that Rihanna was the most gracious, confident and relaxed guest there. Proving to me that people who are uncomfortable with nudity should cease projecting their issues on Rihanna. They are your issues, and not Rihanna’s.

  4. Anne   June 7, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    How about re-reading your article before posting it? It is “things” not “thinks.”


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