Ryan Gosling Facebook Hoax Fools a Million Users

Ryan Gosling

A million users were fooled on Father’s Day by a Ryan Gosling Facebook hoax about the star adopting a baby. Users were told a story of how The Notebook actor adopted a nine month old baby for just a year, before the baby’s biological father decided that he wanted him back. The biological mother had died and asked the actor to raise the baby for her.

Many fans were delighted to find out that their heartthrob actor was even more perfect than he already seems. They started sharing the picture with the story with their friends, and soon the post went viral. Very few seemed to question the plausibility of hiding a baby from the whole world for a year when Gosling is such a famous actor.

There were some who instantly saw through the Facebook hoax. Some commented with a fun line about Abraham Lincoln telling people not to believe everything they read on the social media site.

This is not the first time that the social media site has been used for a hoax, and it is likely not the last. Hoax posts do extremely well at going viral, and are perfect for marketing needs. It seems like this was the reason for the Gosling Facebook hoax that fooled a million users on Father’s Day.

Just recently, the social networking giant was used as a way to scare people into believing that CEO of the site was planning video adverts popping up every 10 minutes. A photos with a short clip was posted on the site, and quickly went viral as people showed that they were very against the idea. The post claimed that users would be subjected to video ads every 10 minutes, which would last for 15 to 60 seconds and prevent users from doing anything else on the site. While it would seem plausible as Facebook is a business and wants to make more money, it would also work out be to too intrusive for users and those in charge of advertising and making money for the site would understand this.

There was some truth to this Facebook hoax. Zuckerberg and his team are looking into video ads, but they will not prevent users from actually having access to the site. The videos will play at the site and will not be intrusive.

Another recent hoax was about the alleged release of 79-year-old Charles Manson, an infamous serial killer. The story was that overcrowding in the Californian prisons meant that elderly prisoners were likely to be allowed back on the streets, and Manson happened to be one of them. However, people who did their research would have known that he was up for parole in 2012, and it was denied. John Peck made it clear that the prisoner was extremely dangerous, and implied that he would spend the rest of his life behind bars for the safety of others.

It is worth taking anything read on Facebook with a grain of salt. Posts do go viral, but it does not mean that they are true. The most recent Facebook hoax was about Gosling adopting a baby for a year and it fooled a million users.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Independent


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  1. Sally   June 16, 2014 at 3:51 am

    Was this written by a 10 year old? Seriously?

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