Selena Gomez Dating ‘Jekyll and Hyde’?

Selena GomezJustin Bieber has so many break ups and reunions with Selena Gomez, fans are wondering just why the couple of celebrities cannot either stay together or stay apart. One day, the Canadian pop sensation is all over the media wearing no shirt, showing off his tattoos, and getting into trouble with the law and acting like a real bad a**. The next day, he is all snuggles with Gomez and dressed like the boy next door. One day he is cursing at people and the next he is getting baptized in a bathtub. Is Selena Gomez dating Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Does Justin act one way around the Come & Get It singer and a complete different way when around his, so-called posse?

Rumors of the couple’s re-coupling began early last week when an Instagram picture of the Boyfriend singer being held closely by Gomez with the caption, “Our love is unconditional.” So unconditional, in fact, that it was pulled down in just about as much time as it would take for the Slow Down singer to give the Biebs a call and give him a talking to.

Just days after that uploaded/removed pic on Instagram was posted, Bieber and Gomez were spotted leaving a recording studio, where Justin was to be laying down some tracks. The couple was seen in a blue Ferrari owned by Bieber and driving away from the studio.

Then the reports came with the couple attending bible study classes on Wednesday. The Bible angle is of course due to the immensely bad press Bieber received when a video of his was leaked with him mocking one of his own songs, One Less Lonely Girl. In the video, the 20-year-old Canadian pop star replaced the word ‘girl’ with the “N” word and the rest is Internet suicide, as it were. Albeit, he was just 14-years-old when the video was taken.

On Friday night the tumultuous couple were out having a movie and dinner date night in Beverly Hills. It all seemed so normal and all-American, it showed that Selena Gomez was certainly out with Mr. Hyde that night and not Dr. Jekyll.

The date night started with a dinner in Beverly Hills at Mastro’s steakhouse. The couple was spotted and photographed leaving looking happy and one shot shows Gomez walking close to Bieber, hands on his shoulders, while he inspected a necklace that hung around his neck. The Biebs was dressed in a long-sleeved, white shirt with a black stripe down the center, a black fedora styled hat and some shades. Gomez was dressed in a flowing, patterned skirt, a black cropped top and a long black, light material coat. The couple was all cozy in the cinema, with Gomez seen rubbing the Biebs back. Leaving the theater, the Fly yo Your Heart singer clung to Bieber as the couple left looking content.

It seems that every time Bieber gets in hot water with the press over his bad behavior, he runs back the Wizards of Waverly Place’s 21-year-old actress. Then, when everything starts to calm down and the bad press starts to dissipate, then out comes Dr. Jekyll. Then the cheating starts all over again, the drugs and heavy partying starts all over again and then Gomez finds herself heartbroken and single. That is the pattern that is developing.

According to E!, a source said that Gomez is giving the Biebs one more chance to prove himself and that the singer took him back strictly on “her terms.” The Shake It Up singer allegedly said that she did not want to be single this summer and so went against the advice of family and friends about getting back with Justin. No doubt, the family and friends of Selena Gomez can see that Bieber can be a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sort and do not give their blessings to the relationship. Only time will tell what will really happen with this couple.

Opinion By Derik L. Bradshaw


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