Semi Engulfed After Crashing on Hway 101 Near New Thousand Oaks

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At 9:05 P.M. Sunday night a call came in to California Highway Patrol (CHP), reporting that a semi-truck had crashed into the center divider of a stretch of highway near Thousand Oaks at Westlake Road. According to the CHP log, the caller reported that the cab of the semi was on fire and that a debris field of cement covered both eastbound and westbound lanes.

The fire continued as a report came in that fuel was on the road. Within ten minutes, the vehicle was fully engulfed. No indication was given of whether the driver of the semi-truck was able to get out of his vehicle before flames engulfed it. No immediate reports of injuries appeared in the log.

Units were dispatched at 9:06 and the first one arrived on scene at 9:18. According to the CHP log, the semi-truck appears to have been a postal truck. Traffic control was required to restore traffic flow.

By Kaley Perkins