Shia LaBeouf Yelled at Michelle Williams During Performance

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Shia Labeouf was arrested on Thursday and escorted out of a musical in handcuffs, after yelling during a performance by Michelle Williams. Just add this to the list of random weirdness LaBeouf has been committing in public over the past year.

Even before going to the Broadway musical, Cabaret, the actor was already engaging in some questionable behavior. A witness reports that LaBeouf was chasing a homeless man on the street because he wanted what was in his McDonalds bag. Other reports were saying that LaBeouf wanted the man’s hat. The witness calls the situation bizarre, and describes LaBeouf yelling, “Yo, come on!” and dodging people on the street.

The incident with the homeless man occurred around six at night. Before it occurred, it was also reported that LaBeouf was in a bar watching the world cup on West 54 street. Sources say that the actor was drinking several margaritas. On his way to the musical, sources also say that LaBeouf stopped to smoke a joint.

As Michelle Williams took the stage to perform her first solo number, I Don’t Care Much, Shia LaBeouf began yelling and making a scene. LaBeouf was yelling at all the actor on stage, not just Williams. Security waited until intermission to address the issue, and then escorted the troubled actor out of the theater.

However, the actor was still upset and yelling, so the police were called. When the police arrived, LaBeouf reportedly spit on them and kept cursing. The actor was then taken into custody. LaBeouf was kept over night at a police station in Midtown North. The next morning, LaBeouf was charged with disorderly conduct, harassment, and criminal trespass. The actor entered the plea of not guilty and was released on his own recognizance.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time LaBeouf has been in trouble with the law. In 2007, the actor has been arrested in Chicago for refusing to leave a store. Last January, LaBeouf was arrested for head-butting a man during a bar fight in London.

This string of bizarre incidents with the actor has some fearing for his well-being. Not only has the actor been arrested for acting out, but he has also made headlines for other strange behavior. Earlier this year, the troubled actor wore a paper bag over his head on the red carpet that read: I’m not famous anymore. LaBeouf also participated in an installation art piece, where he said he was sorry and cried to people who came to see him.

Not only did Shia LaBeouf yell at Michelle Williams during the Broadway performance, he also fell out of his chair and knocked over other chairs in the process. LaBeouf was also slapping another star, Alan Cumming, on the backside as he walked through the audience. Cumming kept walking and did not engage the troubled actor. According to a criminal complaint, the audience was stunned at the behavior and was staring at LaBeouf in shock. So far, Williams has not commented on the incident.

By Sara Petersen

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