Sleep and Its Benefits


As a natural part of each individual person’s cycle of life, sleep is required for many things having to do with the body. It has been proven to be an important part of the day even though some of the population may not understand the reason why. Everyone and just about everything feels the urge to rest. According to doctors, 8 hours of sleep is required for the proper balance within the body. In fact, it is said that sleep is required in order to survive. A study showed that rats without sleep will die within the same allotted time that it takes for a person to perish due to starvation. Sleep and its benefits have been seen in different ways, some more noticeable than others.

One of the benefits gained from sleep is the replenishing of energy. The body is known to grow tired and wear down during the day. Work, school, and household chores are some factors that play into this. Another benefit that comes from sleep is the overall health of an individual. Scientific studies have proven that sleep plays a crucial role in the function of the immune system. It also assists with the better function of metabolism. Without sleep, much of the bodies systems would slow down and the natural process of them would be shifted. Many different types of illness have been seen to improve, even become non-existent, due to sleep. The common cold is a good example of this where sleep, in addition to medicine, has helped cure it.

According to, one benefit that is seen from sleep has to deal with memory. It seems as though the suspension of consciouness also has a beneficial effect to the cognitive functions of the brain. Sleep even has beneficial factors in learning and has been seen to improve when a good night’s sleep has been obtained.  It is also stated by that when one dozes off if benefits the vital functions seen within human and animal alike. Judgment calls are affected by sleep as seen when a person is behind the wheel of a mobile vehicle. If there was a lack of sleep during operation the risk of an accident is more likely to take place.Along with affecting judgment, the lack of sleep raises the risk of being able to catch illnesses and diseases.

Sleep and its many benefits exist in other forms too. For instance, the growth process seen in children is greatly improved because of healthy rest. Another example of this can be seen in the improvement of a person’s mood. Negative emotions tax the body of its needed energy, leaving a person to feel bad. After a night’s rest the negative emotions seem to be gone. These are but a few examples that tie in with the benefits sleep carries with it.

The exact functions of sleep still seem to remain hidden to people. Even scientific minds have not been able to break the mystery that surrounds sleep. It is clear, however, that everyone needs sleep in order to function properly. Without slumber, people would not be able to think let alone learn as they do. The growth process would be highly effected as would the immune system. Much of what people do on a daily basis has a lot to do with sleep and its benefits.

By Isis E. Stevens

Science Education
Healthy Sleep
Healthy Sleep

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