Star Wars VII Leaked Secrets Revealed See Production Stills and More

Star Wars Episode VII Leaked Secrets See Production Stills and More

Star Wars VII has started production, and now, secrets have been leaked and production stills revealed. In fact, some fans are upset with the fact that the film won’t be as surprising now that they know what many more of the sets will look like. To that end, readers should be advised that this article contains spoilers and they should read no further if they wish the movie to remain a complete mystery.

Fans wondering what the new episode will offer in terms of desert-dwelling creatures won’t be disappointed. Photos show a very unusual and bizarrely adorable massive animal that resembles a cross between several species including an elephant, a rhinoceros and a pig. One of the most exciting elements to the new movie is the special effects: the rumor is that most of them will be old-school organic puppets like in the original, and that the director will shy away from a heavily CGI-driven picture.

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This news will undoubtedly please fans of the franchise, especially fans of the earlier films when CGI was still in its earliest infancy. The special effects in the first Star Wars were mostly done with models, miniatures and puppets: organic items that could be seen, felt and manipulated. Blended with digital computer-driven components, these effects revolutionized film techniques for creating realistic illusions. Now, Star Wars Episode VII will harken back to the earlier days with fewer CGI tricks and more organic materials.

Star Wars Episode VII Leaked Secrets See Production Stills and More

Some of the productions stills that were leaked have revealed that the Millennium Falcon may make an appearance in the new film, causing much shock among die-hard fans, who say that the ship making a comeback will make the movie look too dated. However, it is hard to guess what other secrets director JJ Abrams has up his sleeve: a flashback perhaps? While Episode VII is a follow-up that is set 30 years in the future from Return of the Jedi, it’s difficult to tell at this point if it will proceed in a perfectly linear fashion or whether it may jump around in time. Abrams called the rumors about the Millennium Falcon making an appearance in the film “ridiculous,” so on that front, fans will just have to wait for opening night to know for sure if they’ll be reacquainted with the old ship.

Star Wars Episode VII Leaked Secrets See Production Stills and More

Judging from some of the production stills that have leaked out, the look of the film will be replete with muted colors, desert scenes, alien beings and practical special effects. No one know exactly how the leaked photos got out, but there are quite a few pictures of cast extras taking selfies, so some have assumed that the actors could possibly be the culprits.

Star Wars Episode VII Leaked Secrets See Production Stills and More

Star Wars VII is being eagerly anticipated by fans around the world, and now that leaked secrets and production stills have been made public, Abrams is unhappy. He has discounted some of the rumors, but avid fans of the franchise know better—they know a Millennium Falcon when they see one, and a broken down pod racer with robot remains inside, as well. The pictures have definitely given fans a tantalizing glimpse into what awaits them in December 2015 when the film is set to open to world audiences.

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