Tom Cruise Kicks Butt: Five Examples


Tom Cruise’s science fiction action adventure movie Edge of Tomorrow may be getting trounced at the box office this weekend, but the movie proves the actor can still kick some butt on the big screen. These are five of Tom’s most butt kickingest movies, as a reminder of this fact and maybe some motivation to go see Edge of Tomorrow.

CruiseDays of Thunder– “Rubbing is racing” is the movie’s motto, and Cruise really kicks butt in this one. As race car driver Cole Trickle, Cruise wins at the finish line and wins in romance, with his character romancing the one played by his then wife, Nicole Kidman. The movie has great racing scenes, and Cruise even gets into a pretty cool crash.

The Mission: Impossible franchise- This series is filled with kick butt moments, but for concision, they haveve been put into this one entry. From the break in to the ceiling in the first movie, to the motorcycle joust in the second, and culminating in his climb up the tallest building in the world in the fourth, the M:I movies are a showcase for Tom Cruise being awesome.

Minority Report­- Tom Cruise kicks butt… IN THE FUTURE! Working with Steven Spielberg for the first time and playing a cop who solves future crimes with the use of psychics, Cruise brings a certain amount of world weariness to the role. In the beginning, he monitors the future crimes like a conductor at a symphony, but then things go downhill. He gets an eye transplant,runs through a futuristic shopping mall and gets into a fight with these future-cop-commando type guys. When he kidnaps one of the little psychic girls, things get really intense. This one has a pretty good fake out at the end.

Cocktail– The back half of this trip through five of Tom Cruise’s butt kicking moment features a different kind of butt kicking. In this one, Cruise kicks the but… of love. As fancy schmancy trick bartender Brian Flanagan, Cruise does all sorts of awesome bottle spinning tricks. The greatest trick, though, is winning the heart of Elisabeth Shue. This is an important component to Tom Cruise kicking butt, because 1980’s Elisabeth Shue was really hot.


Top Gun– This is the ultimate example of Cruise kicking butt. Top Gun is the movie that turned Tom Cruise from an actor into a flat out movie star. He kicks butt in a plane. He kicks butt while playing beach volleyball in jeans, which is apparently something that people did in the mid ‘80’s. He looked super cool on that motor cycle. He got Kelly McGillis to fall in love with him, and Kelly McGillis in the ‘80’s is even hotter than Elisabeth Shue. Even his handle in the movie kicks butt: Maverick. He saves the day, wins the girl, cries over his best friend, and makes his way into movie history. If this is all Tom Cruise is ever remembered for, he won’t be disappointed, and neither will movie watchers. This is the best thing Tom Cruise has ever done. He didn’t have anything to do with the soundtrack, either. Top Gun is the greatest.

There are five examples of Tom Cruise kicking butt.  It does not end there, though. He plays a samurai in The Last Samurai, and it features Cruise kicking butt with a sword. Tropic Thunder features Tom Cruise kicking butt while made up like a fat old man and dancing. There truly is nothing he can’t do.

Commentary by Bryan Levy


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  1. Rahul   April 11, 2017 at 10:44 pm

    Minority Report was the best one.

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